A Look At The New Refurbished Rooms At Disney's Pop Century Resort at Disney World

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We just returned from a week-long trip to Walt Disney World. Since we're a family of six, we usually book two rooms at a value resort. We normally spend the majority of the day at the parks and so staying at a value resort gives us the convenience of staying on property, without spending too much money.

This trip, we stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort, which is currently undergoing renovations. We had the opportunity to stay at one of the new refurbished rooms. Right now, Building 8 in the 90's section and Building 9 in the 80's section are finished being renovated. We stayed in the 90's section.

We usually stay in the 50's Building, when we stay at Pop Century. It's closer to the main building and the Hippy Dippy Pool, than the 90's Building is. But, since I wanted to stay in one of the newer rooms, I requested to stay in either the 80's or 90's section.

Here's a look at what the room looked like when we stayed there in 2014. (Ignore our bags and the kids in the photos!)

The old rooms at Pop Century were pretty dated looking. The rooms were dark, even during the day. They featured two double beds, carpeted floors, and had limited storage.

The new rooms look a lot more modern and brighter. They painted the rooms white and removed the carpeting and installed laminate flooring.

Instead of double beds, the new rooms now feature a standard Queen bed and another Queen bed that folds up.

It was nice having bigger beds, though it did make the room seem smaller than when there were double beds. Plus, when you pull the other bed down, you lose the table. So, we often had to keep moving things off of the table before we could all go to bed.

The beds had cute pop art above them that added some color to the mostly white room.

Another nice upgrade was the addition of a coffeemaker! The last time we stayed at Pop Century, we brought our own, so we could have a cup of coffee before heading out to the parks. In the past, it was only the moderate and deluxe resorts that had a coffeemaker.

The refrigerator was also updated and now features a see-thru door.

The new rooms also have a lot more storage, more outlets and even USB ports. In the past, we've brought power strips with us to make sure we had enough outlets to charge our devices. We had no issues with that this year.

The newer rooms now feature a sliding door between the sleeping area and the bathroom.

The bathroom also looks a lot more modern and clean looking. There is also more storage.

It was nice and bright, too. I liked the new lighting.

The shower now features sliding doors and a rain shower head and a hand-held sprayer. The room I stayed in only had a shower stall, but our connecting room had a shower/tub combo.

The toiletries provided were also upgraded. In the past, value resorts received a combination shampoo and conditioner, while the moderate and deluxe resorts received separate shampoo and conditioner. The H2O+ scent was also changed from the Blushing Orange to the Sea Salt and Sea Marine.

Old toiletries
New toiletries
Overall, we really liked the new rooms. The beds were comfortable. It was nice to be able to fold up the one bed during the day. It made the room seem bigger. The change from carpet was nice, but I felt like my feet or socks would get dirtier walking around on the floors. So, I usually kept my flip flops on. We enjoyed our stay and even booked a bounceback and will be returning next summer!

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