Goals Update - March 2020

Monday, March 9, 2020

It's been a little over two months now since I laid out my goals for the year. And I have to say, I really have not been doing that great of a job at keeping up with them!

My first goal of the year was to start a workout regimen. And while I have done workouts here and there since setting that goal, I still haven't done anything on the regular. I never signed up for any classes. I never joined a gym. There was a time when I started doing my regular workout DVD (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred) three or four times a week, but even that has dropped to only once or twice. I may try and start something up once the weather starts getting warmer, or I may just continue to try and do this DVD more often. Either way, the main goal isn't really to lose any weight, but to tone and build up strength and endurance.

My second goal was to learn a new skill. I did start using Duolingo more frequently. At first I was doing three different languages at once, but that got a little confusing. I had taken French all through high school and a year in college and I had started doing French again on Duolingo to refresh my memory. But, then, I decided Spanish would be a more useful skill. I have had several patients who only speak Spanish and very limited English and it was difficult to get through the exam. If I could learn enough Spanish to communicate with them better, I'd be able to give them better care. If you haven't already, join me on Duolingo and learn a new language with me!

My third goal was to spend more time with my family. I had all intentions to plan all sorts of activities for our weekends, but then we ended up signing up my one son for vision therapy (a whole other story I can discuss if anyone is interested). So now he meets with his vision therapist every Saturday, which pretty much knocks out any chances of any quick weekend getaways for the family until after June.

Lastly, I wanted to grow professionally. I will be attending a conference this April and hope to attend another big one in the fall.

One thing I wasn't plan on doing and I did was declutter. I had lost my wedding ring for several weeks and that resulted in me going through my whole bedroom and getting rid of furniture, clothes, toiletries, and all sorts of things. We did finally find my ring, so that was good. It wasn't even in my room!

How are you doing on your goals for the year?