Listerine UltraClean Mint Floss Review

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DISCLOSURE: I received a free sample from Crowdtap to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I had to get a crown on a tooth a few years ago, I've made a conscious effort to be better at flossing. Before it was only something I did when I could feel food in between my teeth or if I had a dentist appointment coming up. Now, I try and floss at least once a day.

I do have a favorite brand of floss that I use. I find that it does a good job at getting food out from in between my teeth and it leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh. (If you want to know which one it is, leave me a comment!)

But, I recently had the chance to try a different brand. Reach Floss is now Listerine Floss! I was sent Listerine UltraClean Mint Floss to try.

Listerine UltraClean Mint Floss
  • uses shred-resistant technology to stretch, flex, and glide for an ultimate clean
  • has MICRO-GROOVES technology that removes 2x more plaque than Glide Mint Floss

After opening the package, I thought the floss container was cute. It has a flat bottom and a domed top.

The floss itself is translucent and light blue in color. The floss has a light minty scent.

The floss was a little more flimsy than I'm used to using, like it would be more likely to break while I'm using it. Luckily, it never did. The floss did glide well in between my teeth and did a pretty good job at removing food and plaque. It did leave a faint minty taste in my mouth after I was done flossing.

Overall, I was pleased with Listerine UltraClean. It didn't shred or break while I was using it. It was easy to dispense and worked well.

Listerine UltraClean retails for about $2.79 and is available for purchase in stores and online.

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