2014 Disney SMMoms On The Road Celebration Philadelphia Recap Part 2

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

(Miss Part 1 of my recap? Go here to read it!)

After leaving the conference room to feed the baby, I came back to find everyone else on a snack/bathroom break.  I took the opportunity to take some pictures and to take a look at the display of homemade crafts from the #DisneySide @Home Celebration Parties held around the country earlier this year.  They had asked hosts to mail in any crafts we had made for our parties for a chance to be featured on a MomTV show and to win a gift card.  I had mailed in a couple crafts, but wasn't featured on the show.

#DisneySide @Home crafts
Sadly, my one picture of all the crafts is blurry!  I started taking closer pictures of the crafts when I spotted the goody bag I had made for my #DisneySide @Home party!  One of the girls didn't come, so I had submitted the craft.  You can see other pictures of it in my #DisneySide @Home party post.  I haven't put up a tutorial, but if anyone is interested, leave me a comment!

My #DisneySide @Home Party Craft
I didn't notice when I was at the conference, but looking back at the pictures, they had also used the other craft I had sent in -- an easy hanging paper garland.  You can see it hanging at the end on the right of the picture below.  You can see closer pictures in my #DisneySide party post.

Back in the conference room, I picked up a little gift that HP had given to each of the attendees.  Prior to the conference, we were asked to submit a picture showing our Disney Side.  I used a family photo of us that was taken on our last trip to Disney World back in 2012.  They printed it on HP photo card paper and included a pack of photo cards that we can use at home.  We were supposed to mail the card to a loved one.  I sent it to my parents as a thank you for watching the other kids.

My Disney Side gift from HP
Back at the table, there was a Mickey Vinylmation waiting for us.  I don't own any myself, but my kids have a Duffy one that we got on clearance at the Disney Store.  These could be fun to collect.

WDW 40th Anniversary '71 Vinylmation
The next speaker, Victoria Lim, was super fun!  She's a Managing Editor for Walt Disney World Public Relations.  She gave us good tips on creating and editing video and photos.  She also gave several recommendations on apps to use, like Magisto and CuteCUT.

Victoria Lim, Managing Editor for Walt Disney World Public Relations
She took a fun picture of all us and it's cool to see just how many of us were there.

Photo by Victoria Lim
Then, it was cookie time!  I decided to save this one for the kids to share.

Next was a round table discussion with mompreneurs moderated by Maria Bailey.  On the panel were Kristi Gorinas, who invented the DadPack and Go With Me Chair; Amy Bradley, inventor of the Toy Dozer; and Jen Groover, inventor of the Butler Bag.  They talked about the ins and outs of building your own business, from the importance of licensing and patenting your idea to balancing family life and business life.  It was all very inspirational!  One thing that resonated with me was something Maria Bailey had said: "Look at the whites of your child's eyes [when you're talking to them], so they know you are present and listening."  Often, my eyes are on my phone or computer or I'm busy with the baby and am only half listening when my older kids are talking to me.  I need to learn to be present more with the kids.

Kristi Gorinas, Amy Bradley, Jen Groover
The final speaker was Debi Silber, otherwise known as The Mojo Coach.  She specializes in health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, and self improvement.  She was very enthusiastic and I'm sure many of us left feeling motivated to make fitness a priority.

Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach
After some closing remarks, out came a special guest!

It's Mickey!
Mickey stuck around for photos, so I text my husband to come with the kids so we could get a picture together. 

This was a wonderful experience and I'm hoping to get an invite again next year.  I definitely left feeling inspired and if you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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