Upgrade Your Beach Style With Old Navy - Summer 2013 Line Review

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DISCLOSURE:  I was given coupons for me and three friends to receive one free swimsuit, one pair of flip flops, a bag and a beach towel from Old Navy and Crowdtap.  All opinions are my own.

The summer season is quickly approaching!  It's time to start thinking about what swimwear you're going to be rocking at the pool and the beach this summer.  Old Navy's here to help you look your best and upgrade your style!

I was recently given the opportunity to check out Old Navy's latest beachwear offerings and got the chance to bring along three friends.  Sadly, the timing was a little off.  I'm scheduled to have my fourth child on May 23rd, but the coupons we were given to redeem expire May 21st.  I didn't want to get a maternity swimsuit, since I wasn't going to be pregnant for much longer.  But, I couldn't really try on a regular suit either since my belly is so big!  I planned on trying on maternity suits for pictures, but using my coupon on a regular suit to use after baby came.  One of my sisters is also pregnant, but she isn't due until August.  With the fact that not all Old Navy locations carry maternity clothes, that limited the locations that we could go to.

Initially, I invited my two sisters and my Mom to come along shopping with me at the location nearest to where I live.  It was close to my Mom and my sisters were all familiar with it, since we grew up around here.  Plus, the location (Store 06035) carried maternity.  They were all super excited to be getting some new things from Old Navy!

But, then, that's when problems started coming up.  A couple weeks before we had planned on going to Old Navy, my Mom had an accident at home.  She fell down almost the entire flight of stairs in her house!  She couldn't walk or get up and had to spend several days in the hospital.  She still wanted to go, though, and told me she was going to go, even if my Dad had to carry her in the store!

My sisters were extremely busy this month, too, with work and other things, so it was hard to come up with a date that would work for everyone.  There was only one day that would work for the four of us, so we decided to meet that Saturday.  A few days before we were to meet, I decided to scout out the store to see what the selection was like.  I saw they had plenty of bags and were in the process of putting out the swimwear.  But, I couldn't find any maternity suits!  I asked them if they had any and the staff person I talked to said they didn't have any yet.  I asked when they would and she had no idea.  So, when I got home, I went on the Old Navy website to see what other locations carried maternity clothes and called around to see who had maternity swimsuits in store.  I found one location in Virginia (Bailey's Crossroads).  It was about an hour from me and my Mom and a little closer to my sisters.  My Mom decided she didn't want to go all the way out there and wanted to go on her own to our local Old Navy the following week.

The location was a stand-alone store that opened at 9 AM.  My sisters and I decided to meet up on a Saturday around 9, since they both had other things to do in the afternoon and we figured the earlier we went, the less crowded the store would be and the fewer people there to see us trying on swimsuits!  My husband and the kids drove me over to the Old Navy, since technically, I'm on bed rest and not allowed to be out driving around.  Since it was so early, we stopped for breakfast on the way.

Dunkin Donuts Munchkins!
Yes, I'm eating donuts before trying on swimsuits!

When we got to the store, I immediately asked if we could speak with a manager.  It took him a few minutes to come up, and it was weird.  I had actually spoken with him before at our local Old Navy two summers ago!  He knew about Crowdtap and just asked that we bring everything up to the cashier to be scanned when we were done.  So, then my sisters and I set out to find our beach stuff.

We started with the swimsuits.  The store had a pretty large selection of one-pieces, tankinis and bikinis, as well as cover-ups.  But, for maternity, they were mixed in with the regular suits and I could only find one tankini top!  So, that was pretty disappointing.  Here we are browsing:

After we picked out which swimsuits we wanted to try on, we moved on to the big wall of flip flops.

The coupons were good towards the Women's Classic Flip Flops ($3.94 or 2/$5).  I love how there are so many different colors to choose from!

We also picked up a beach bag.  The store had a few different styles to choose from.

We didn't see any beach towels, but figured we'd ask about them later.  We went off to the dressing rooms in the back to try on our swimsuits.

Here's what I picked to try on.

My one sister was up first.  She told me to take the picture from far away, since she's about 6 1/2 months pregnant and was trying on a two-piece!

She's wearing the:
She's also wearing her own flip flops because she didn't want to separate the new ones!  She liked the two-piece but wasn't sure she could wear it this summer since she'll be pregnant for most of it.  She did like the cover-up and was disappointed it wasn't on sale.

My other sister was up next.  She isn't pregnant, so she could try on pretty much anything!  She went with a lot of the two-pieces.  Here she is wearing:

She liked the flip flops, since they were a little different from all the other solid color ones.  She didn't really care for the bikini.

Next, it was my turn!  I tried on a regular size tankini first.  I also put a cover-up on top because my nine-month size belly was not going to be covered up by that tankini top!  I'm wearing:
I also wore my own flip flops for the picture.  But they are from Old Navy!  They're a pair of the Active flip flops that I had purchased in the store the previous summer.

I liked this tankini and had planned on using my coupon on this in my normal size.  Here, I tried it on in a bigger size so it would fit.

My two sisters really liked this tankini, too, and both tried it on at the same time.  My pregnant sister paired it with the Maternity Printed Tunic ($26.94) in Goodnight Nora.

Next, I tried on the only maternity swimsuit I could find in the store and sadly, they only had the top!  I'm wearing the Maternity Halter Tankini Top ($29.94) in Blue and paired it with the Women's Mix & Match Bikini Bottom ($15.00) in Catch A Wave Nylon.

My pregnant sister tried on another two-piece.  This time, she tried on the Women's Geo-Print Halter Bikini Top ($19.94) in Jumbo Dot and the Women's Geo-Print Halter Bikini Bottom ($19.94) in Jumbo Dot.  She paired it with the same Women's Crocheted Gauze Cover-Up ($29.94) in Calla Lilly.  She's wearing her own flip flops and sunglasses.

My other sister really liked the next outfit she tried on.  She even text it to her boyfriend and asked him where they were going!  She's wearing the Women's Printed-Tie Bikini Top ($19.94) in Paisley and the Women's Printed-Tie Bikini Bottom ($19.94) in Paisley.  She wore the bikini with the Women's Gauze Blouse ($26.94) in Rebellion Red.  She ended up going with this entire outfit, minus the red shirt.

For "fun," I tried on a regular two-piece bikini.  Ha ha, here I am, 37+4 weeks pregnant, wearing the Women's Mix & Match Halter Top ($15.00) in Cool Multi Stripe and the Women's Mix & Match Bikini Bottom ($15.00) in Cool Multi Stripe with the same cover-up.

My sisters each tried on one more swimsuit.  My pregnant sister tried on the Maternity Halter Tankini Top ($29.94) in Blue and just paired it with her own maternity shorts.  My other sister tried on the Women's Mix & Match Tankini Top ($19.00) in Black/White Stripe and the Women's Mix & Match Bikini Bottom ($15.00) in Black/White Stripe.  She paired it with the Women's Chambray Shirts ($24.94) in Mid Tone Chambray.

When we were done trying the swimsuits on, we took a picture of us with what we were getting.  And then, remembered that we still needed to get a beach towel.
So, I hunted down the manager and asked him where the beach towels were.  My one sister had found one buried behind the swimsuits.  He found another one hidden under a table.  But that was it!  The store only had two beach towels!  They only had the Patterned Loop-Terry Beach Towel ($12.50) in Chevron.  Since my two sisters didn't have any other time to go to a different Old Navy, I let them take the two beach towels and decided to just use my coupon when I went in with my Mom at a different location the following week.

When my sisters checked out, they did run into some trouble.  The two girls checking them out had no idea what to do with the coupon.  The girl checking out my pregnant sister saw that the total came out to $0.00 after she scanned the coupon.  She was like, "That's weird.  It returned everything.  Let's try again."  She then proceeded to scan all the items again and then tried the coupon again.  Of course, it wouldn't work again and she said, "Ok, this coupon was already used."  My sister said, "Right.  You scanned it when you did it the first time."  The cashier just looked confused and called the manager over.  The person checking out my other sister didn't trust the coupon and didn't like that the total came out to zero.  So, she also called the manager over.  Of course, when he came up, he was just like, "Yup, that's right."  And that was that.  The girls bagged up my sisters' beach wear and sent us on our way.
The night before I was going to go with my Mom to Old Navy, she text me asking if there was someone else who could use her coupon.  She still wasn't feeling well enough after her fall to go walk around the mall and try things on.  And my Dad was telling her not to go.  So, I had to scramble to find someone else who would be free on a Wednesday!  My one friend was working (we work together at an optical chain) in the mall, but she was free to come shop with me during her lunch break.  This was at our local Old Navy, the one we usually shop at.  I wasn't sure what the selection would be like, but was hoping they at least had beach towels!

Sadly, this location had a very small selection of swimsuits and bags.  The wall of flip flops was smaller.  But, there were plenty of beach towels!

And all the beach towels!  Almost the entire bottom shelf of this table, on both sides, was filled with beach towels.

With such a small selection, my friend and I didn't find much to try on.  Even the tankini that I had wanted to get from the other Old Navy location wasn't here in this one.  There was a pretty poor size selection, too.  Most of the smaller sizes were gone.  I ended up trying on a couple of the solid color halter tankinis, but had to use my coupon on a one-piece that I couldn't try on.  I'm hoping it fits!  My friend only tried on a couple things.

Here, she tried on the Women's Printed Ring-Halter Tankini Top ($24.94) in Blue Paisley and the matching Women's Printed Bikini Bottom ($19.94) in Blue Paisley (not shown).  She wore it with the Women's Drawstring Terry Shorts, 3" ($10.00) in Aquanaut and the Women's New Classic Flip-Flops ($3.94) in Grey Cool Ombre.

Our local Old Navy didn't have any cover-ups... so here I am trying on the Women's Mix & Match Tankini Top ($19.00) in Purple Heart and the Women's Mix & Match Bikini Bottom ($15.00) in Purple Heart.

We each tried on one more thing.  Since there really wasn't much else I could try on, I wore the same tankini set, except in Flaming Flamingo.  My friend tried on the Women's Printed Ring-Yoke Swimsuit ($29.94) in White Print.  In the picture, I'm now 38+1 weeks pregnant!

Here we are with our final selections!  I ended up going with the Women's Striped-Bandeau Swimsuit ($29.94) in Blue Stripe, mainly because it was one of the few one-pieces I could find in my size.  I'm hoping it fits well!  We both went with the same flip flops in Grey Cool Ombre.  You can't see my beach towel, but I went with the Pink Dots pattern.

Would you recommend it? Yes!  Old Navy has a great collection of swimwear and beach accessories.  Though the selection seems to vary widely by location.  I would call ahead if you're looking for a particular item.

How much does it cost?  Swimsuits start at $15.00.  Flip flops range in price from $3.94 to $9.94.    Beach towels are $12.50.  Beach totes are $19.94.

Where can I buy it?  In Old Navy stores and oldnavy.com.

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