The Cottonelle Care Routine - Review

Monday, May 6, 2013

DISCLOSURE:  As a member of the Cottonelle Clean Crew on Crowdtap, I received free toilet paper and flushable wipes to use and share.  All opinions are my own.

Bathroom habits have often been topics that people tend to avoid talking about.  Cottonelle is out to change that with their "Cottonelle Care Routine."  They're out to prove that nothing can be properly cleaned without the combination of cloth and water.

They've come out with a series of videos that asks you to "Test Your Cleaning Logic."  A favorite video of mine shows clients at a salon getting their hair washed without water:

It's so true!  If you wouldn't wash your hair without water, then why would you clean your behind without water?  If you haven't seen any of these ads before, I urge you to watch them at the link above!  They're so funny!

To spread the word about the Cottonelle Care Routine, I was sent a sampling kit by Crowdtap and Cottonelle that included:
  • One 18-pack of Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll Toilet Paper (to keep)
  • Two 4-pack Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll Toilet Paper (to share)
  • Three tubs of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes (one to keep, two to share)

In our household, we've had flushable wipes in the bathroom ever since my oldest was potty training.  We started with Kandoo flushable wipes by Pampers and then switched to a generic store-brand flushable wipe, since they were cheaper!  The Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes were a nice change, though.  I put them on top of the toilet, in place of the store brand one we normally use.  Though, you could still see the ones we normally use in my picture.
The wipes container is a lot prettier and sturdier than the one we normally use:
You press the little blue bar in the front to open it up:
I had to open the entire container, though, to thread the first wipe through.  They smell really nice and are actually softer than the brand we're using now.  I didn't have any problems dispensing the wipes.  They came out one at a time -- unlike our normal brand!  I think it's time for a switch!

A couple weeks ago, my two sisters had come over for a little get together.  I thought it was the perfect time to school them on the Cottonelle Care Routine and to share the toilet paper and wipes!

They were super grateful for the toilet paper and wipes and are definitely now followers of the Cottonelle Care Routine!

Have you discovered the logic of the Cottonelle Care Routine?  Click "Ah-ha!" here and enter to win one of four $10,000 bathroom makeovers!  Hurry, contest ends July 7th!

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