Sweat It Out In Old Navy Activewear - Winter 2012 Line Review

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DISCLOSURE:  As a member of the Old Navy Style Council on Crowdtap.com, I received a coupon for a free Old Navy Active top and bottom.  All opinions are my own.

I recently had an opportunity to try out Old Navy's latest line of activewear through Crowdtap.com's Old Navy Style Council.  I received a coupon for myself and one for a friend to receive a free Old Navy Active top and bottom. 

I decided to bring along my Mom.  She's always asking me when the next sample share for Old Navy would be and she hadn't had a chance to participate in one with me since early this past summer.  Plus, I thought maybe getting a new set of workout clothes would motivate her to start exercising more!

Old Navy currently offers tanks, tees, running tops, sport bras, jackets and bottoms in their Active line.  Some feature their GoDry material that helps to wick away moisture.  Others feature their compression fabric, which helps to smooth and dries quickly.

I met my Mom at the mall, since she was already there doing Christmas shopping.  Our local Old Navy has a pretty big portion of the store dedicated to their Active line of clothes.

There were plenty of styles and colors for us to choose from.  My Mom and I spent a long time browsing and trying to figure out which ones we wanted to try on.  Even though I'm 17 weeks pregnant, I decided to buy from the regular women's section.  There were a lot more choices there and there usually isn't too much in the maternity section at our store.  Plus, I figured I would use the activewear more after the baby was born.

Here's my Mom browsing.

It didn't take long for my Mom to gather all the clothes she wanted to try on:

It took me a little longer to figure out what I wanted to try on.  Being pregnant, I definitely wasn't going to try on anything too constricting and I didn't want to be photographed in a sports bra with my belly!
After gathering up our clothes and picking up a pair of sneakers to try the clothes with, we headed to the dressing room.

When I did an activewear sample and share last year, I ended up with one of Old Navy's compression jackets.  They were really comfortable and I loved the thumb holes in the sleeves!  The one I got last year was black with a little bit of pink on it.  I decided to try this year's style in purple.

Here I am wearing the Active Compression Jacket in Arctic Depth ($34.94).  I tried it in a size bigger than what I normally wear since it's compression and it fit great.  The jacket features Old Navy's GoDry quick-drying fabric and again features the thumb holes in the cuffs.  I love the shade of purple!

I paired it with the Active Compression Pants in Retro Violet ($26.94).  You can't see it in my picture but the pants have a band of purple at the waist.  I had gotten a similar pair at last year's sample share but that one was all black.  These have the same boot-cut leg and feature a hidden pocket at the waist, though it's not a zippered pocket like last year's.

I also tried them on with the Active Sneakers ($19.94) in Black, since I didn't want to go barefoot or wear them with my boots for the picture.  This is the outfit I ended up using my coupon on, minus the shoes.

My Mom first tried on the Active Compression Leggings in Carbon ($26.94) and one of the iPromise long-sleeve T-shirts.  Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Old Navy have partnered together to sell exclusive iPromise merchandise from June till the end of this year.  5% of the sales will be donated to Komen for the Cure.  She also paired it with the Active Sneakers ($19.94) in Black.  She didn't care for how she looked in the shirt or leggings but she was a good sport and let me take her picture in it.

Next, I tried on an Active GoDry Hoodie ($19.94) in Blackjack.  It was on clearance and I knew I wouldn't be able to use my coupon on it, but I loved that it had a hood and the same thumb holes in the cuffs.  So, I ended up getting it anyway and paying for it out of pocket.  It was the only one I could find in the store and I lucked out with it being my size!

I paired it with the Women's Fold-Over Yoga Pants ($19.50).  Sadly, I can't remember now if I tried on the ones with the fold-over part in purple or gray.  Either way, the pants were pretty comfy and not as constricting as the compression pants were.  But, I ended up going with the compression pants because I felt these were too comfortable.  I'd probably end up using them for lounging in and NOT for working out!

I didn't even bother putting the shoes on for this picture so you can see my striped long socks!

The next thing my Mom tried on was the Active Tie-Waist Bubble Tank in blue ($16.94).  The top has a drawstring at the waist, so you can adjust the fit.  It was cute on my Mom and it was one of her top choices for her coupon.  She paired it with the Women's Fold-Over Yoga Capris in Black ($17.94).

Next, I tried on the same Active Tie-Waist Bubble Tank ($16.94), except in Posh Purple Neon.  I thought it would be a nice choice since it's kind of big at the bottom and could disguise my belly, but I actually didn't like the way it fit.  My Mom didn't like it either on me.  As soon as I came out of the dressing room, she started shaking her head.  She thought it was too short on me.  I paired it with the Women's Boot-Cut Yoga Pants in Carbon ($19.50).  The pants felt kind of tight, so I didn't get them.
Next, my Mom tried on another of the Susan G. Komen iPromise tee shirts.  She really liked this shirt and I thought it looked great on her.  But sadly, even though it was in the Activewear section of the store, it wasn't actually in the Active line of clothes.  So when she tried to check out with it at the registers, the coupon wouldn't work for it.  Because she didn't like any of the other tops she tried on, she ended up getting the exact same Active Compression Jacket in Arctic Depth ($34.94) that I got because we knew the coupon would work on it.

She tried the shirt on with the Women's Boot-Cut Yoga Pants in Black Jack ($19.50) and the same Active Sneakers ($19.94) in Black.  She was pretty good at always putting the shoes back on for the pictures.  I gave up after the first picture because it was too much work to keep bending down and tying the shoes!  Don't judge... it gets harder to bend down when you're pregnant!

Here's a picture of the last outfit I tried on.  I'm wearing the Women's Active GoDry Tanks in Black Jack ($12.94).  I thought it would be cute with the Active Compression Jacket in Arctic Depth ($34.94) and the Active Compression Pants in Blackjack ($26.94) .  I could see myself going out to run errands in this outfit.  Maybe not in the winter, but in the fall or early spring.  It's an easy outfit to throw together with some sneakers.  I didn't really like the way the tank looked on me though.  It was kind of loose and since I already had a pair of the compression pants in all black, I opted to go with the pair with the purple waistband.

Ha ha here's a picture of the last outfit my Mom tried on.  Here, she's wearing another top that was in the activewear section but not an actual item in the Active line of clothes.  She's wearing the Women's Applique Waffle-Knit Tee ($16.94) in In The Pink.  She thought it was comfortable and another top that she would have gotten if it was actually covered by the coupon.  She's wearing it with the Active Compression Pants in Blackjack ($26.94).  Heh, she felt comfortable enough in the outfit to pose like she was going to do some Tae-Bo!

The check-out process went pretty smoothly for me.  I split my purchase up into two transactions.  One with just the activewear and the other with the items that I was going to pay for out of pocket.  When it came time to ring up the activewear and I presented the coupon to the cashier, she looked at it but didn't scan it and went over to the manager at the next register to have her look at it.  The manager was ringing up my Mom at the same time.  For my Mom, the coupon worked fine on her pants but not the shirt since it wasn't in the Active line.  The manager asked my cashier what happened when she scanned it and she said she hadn't scanned it yet.  So she scanned it and the balance went down to zero.  They were shocked and asked where we got the coupons from.  I told them it was from a website where we can try things and then we have to write a review.  The manager put my Mom's items on hold and had her go back and pick something else out.  So she went back and got the same top that I did.  When the manager rang it up again, everything went through fine.  The manager had me write down the name of the Crowdtap website because she wanted to see if her daughter could get some free clothes, too!

After shopping, my Mom treated me out to lunch.  She had a gift card to Ruby Tuesday, so we had lunch together there.  I hadn't eaten there in over 10 years (since Homecoming my senior year of high school!) and my Mom had never eaten there.  It was pretty good and our server let me have the salad bar for free even though it wasn't included in my meal.  So, all in all, it was a pretty good day!

Would you recommend it? Yes!  Old Navy has a great line of activewear that's affordable and holds up pretty well.  The compression pants that I had gotten last year are still going strong.  All the items that I've purchased from the Active line have been comfortable and functional.

How much does it cost?  Women's Active items range in price from $12.94 to $34.94.

Where can I buy it?  In Old Navy stores and oldnavy.com.

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  1. Very nice blog! I must say people now days are very comfortable roaming in their workout leggings. It is like a blessing to mankind, can be worn in the gym and also casually to any place. You guys are looking great in these outfits.