Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream - REVIEW

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

As a member of Moms Meet, I have the opportunity to try and review a variety of natural, organic and eco-friendly products with my friends and family. Recently, we had the chance to try Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream. While we've all had regular Turkey Hill ice cream before, none of us had tried the All Natural version before.

Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream is made with pure and simple ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and natural flavors. There are no artificial colors, artificial flavoring or stabilizers found in Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream. It's available in 20 flavors and retails for about $4.99.

We held the sampling at my sister's house. Her husband was out of town and she had wanted us to come out and visit. I invited my other sister and her husband to have ice cream with us, too. On the way to my sister's house, we stopped at a Wegman's to pick up three containers of ice cream and some toppings so we could have an ice cream sundae bar.

We picked up Vanilla Bean, Belgian Style Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. We also bought some chocolate syrup and whipped cream and brought along some chocolate chips and sprinkles from home. My sister had some M&Ms and cake cones. I wanted to put out one more topping and all my sister had were some Cocoa Puffs, so we used that.

My one sister and my oldest daughter were the first ones to make a sundae.

For a lot of us, the ice cream was our lunch. So we had a nice, big bowl of it!

 The ice cream was really creamy and tasted great! I wanted to eat the whole container!

Just kidding!

But, everyone did love the ice cream! I gave out coupons at the end to everyone in attendance. The ice cream was on sale that week, too, at Wegman's, so I told them it was a perfect time to pick up some ice cream for themselves!

Thanks to Moms Meet and Turkey Hill for an awesome sampling! 

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