Our First Harvest from our Garden!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A couple months ago, my husband and I started our first garden. We used the drawers from an old dresser and planted a couple different peppers, tomatoes and strawberries in it. If you want to see how we did it, check out this post.  We also planted yellow zucchini, kiwis, basil and mint.

Since we are newbies to gardening, we had no idea the zucchini and kiwis actually grow on a vine. We had started them in big planters and eventually had to relocate them next to our neighbor's fence so they would have space to grow and something to crawl on. We then bought rosemary and parsley to put in the planters.

Last month, we had a chance to use the mint we had been growing and made mojitos!

We also used some of the basil to make mozzarella caprese. It was great not having to visit several stores to find fresh basil. It was always so hard to find around here!

A lot of the fruits and veggies have really gotten big!

Earlier this month, we finally got to have our first harvest. There would be a ripe cherry tomato here and there, but this was the first time we were able to pick more than one thing. Granted, this isn't a big harvest by any means. But, it was still a proud moment!

We used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman and made Grilled Zucchini. We cut up the zucchini and put them in a ziploc bag. We added olive oil, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and pepper. After about 20 minutes, we threw on the grill. They were so good!

It has definitely been a learning experience. We haven't had a chance to pick any strawberries. Something in our neighborhood keeps getting to them before we do. We'll need to do something about that if we plan to grow them again next year. I'll put another update on the garden sometime next month.

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