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Monday, May 5, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received free products in order to host a party from Burt's Bees Baby and House party.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  No further compensation was received.

It's been a long time since I was last selected to host a party with House Party.  I was actually about to give up on applying right before I got the email notifying me that I was selected to be a host of the Burt's Bees Baby Bee House Party.  So, I was super excited that, (A) they finally chose me to host a party, and (B) it was for a brand that I really liked!

If you aren't familiar with House Party, it's a site that connects people with brands.  Members apply to host parties for certain brands.  If selected, they're sent a pretty nice party package that includes a lot of the things you would need to host a fun party.
The Burt's Bees Baby Bee House Party Kit was great.  It included products that I've seen or used before, as well as some new-to-me products.

The Party Kit included:
  • 1 Baby Bee® Cream-to-Powder, full size
  • 1 Baby Bee® Original Shampoo & Wash
  • 1 Baby Bee® Calming Lotion
  • 1 Baby Bee® Multipurpose Ointment
  • 1 Baby Bee® Kissable Cheeks Balm
  • 1 Baby Bee® Face & Hand Cloths
  • 1 Baby Bee® Sweet Memories with Keepsake Photo Book
  • 1 Sage Spoonfuls Healthy Child Cookbook
  • 1 Baby Bee® Memory Matching card game
  • 12 Informational coupon cards for $2 off Burt's Bees Baby Bee® Products
  • 12 Burt’s Bees® tote bags
  • 12 Baby Bee® Cream-to-Powder sample size
  • 12 Informational coupon cards for Burt’s Bees® Baby Clothing
One of my sisters and I both had babies last year and so this party came at a perfect time!  We both would like to use more organic and natural products for ourselves and our families and this was a great way to try many of the products that Burt's Bees Baby offered.

I invited over a few Mom friends, as well as other family members.  After having a little lunch, we headed into the living room, where I had a little table set up with all of the Burt's Bees Baby products.

After giving a little introduction about the Burt's Bees Baby brand, I let everyone sample the products.

My one sister really liked the Burt's Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment and found it made her feet feel soft!

Everyone reacted pretty positively about the products.  Even the guests who weren't moms of babies! 

I decided to give away the Burt's Bees Baby gift set that was included in the party kit.  Instead of playing the Memory Matching card game, I had each guest choose a card.  On the back of one of the cards, I had placed a sticker.

The guest who chose the card with the sticker would win the gift set.  My sister-in-law ended up winning!

Everyone had a great time learning about the Burt's Bees Baby line.  Each guest got to take home a Burt's Bees Baby tote bag, as well, as coupons and samples.  And, though I didn't actually say it, several of the full size products went missing after the party... I assume some guests really liked those products!

Thank you House Party and Burt's Bees Baby for the chance to try these products!

Connect with Burt's Bees Baby:
Website: https://www.burtsbeesbaby.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BurtsBeesBaby
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/BurtsBeesBaby

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