America's Next Top Wooliteer Party

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DISCLOSURE: I was selected to host a party to promote Woolite Extra Dark Care laundry detergent by and Woolite.  All opinions are my own.

Do you have a problem with your dark jeans losing their color?  Do your dark clothes start to fade and lose their color intensity over time?  Then you need to start washing with Woolite Extra Dark Care!  Woolite Extra Dark Care has a special formula that cleans and helps maintain the original color and intensity of your dark clothes.  It won't cause fading, shrinking or stretching and your dark clothes look like new for longer.

I have to admit, I've never used Woolite Extra Dark Care before I was selected to host this party.  But I have had the issue with my dark clothes fading and losing their color.  So I was pretty excited to give it a try and to help promote the brand among my friends and family.  None of them really used Woolite at all before the party.

Crowdtap and Woolite sent hosts a party kit that included:

  • A Woolite swag bag
  • A Wooliteer party guide
  • Woolite Dark samples
  • Dry erase boards
  • Dry erase markers
  • A set of Woolite Great Denim Survey trivia cards
I decided to hold my party on Father's Day.  My husband and I had been wanting to have everyone over for crabs to eat out in our patio and this was the perfect day.  Everyone was off that day and in town.  Almost everyone we invited accepted our invitation.  It was a really nice day too.  It was sunny, but not too hot and there was a nice breeze.

I set up a little corner in our living room  and put my Woolite party things there, including the samples of Woolite Extra Dark and things for the trivia game.  I had asked everyone to come dressed in denim and we were going to have a little fashion show and then hold a denim care trivia contest!

The main focus of our menu was the crabs.  I had to work the day before and my husband had to take the kids to a birthday party, so we didn't order our crabs till the morning of.  The first place we called had a great special going on -- A bushel of all males for $80!  But, they were all out of crabs when we called!  So then, we scrambled to find somewhere else to order from.  Another place that we usually get crabs from wasn't open till noon and guests were supposed to start arriving at 2.  So I sat at the computer and searched Google for other local seafood places.  Luckily, I found another place that wasn't too far away that opened at 11.  Their website said they could supply 1 to 100 bushels of crabs, so we were hopeful.  When my husband called, they said he needed to come in and order the crabs, but they did have crabs.  A bushel there was $150, which I think is pretty average.  If you're local to the DC/MD/VA area, definitely check out Doc's Crabs!

We also made some other foods for those who didn't want crabs or who also wanted to eat other things.

My husband made this nice fruit plate.

We also boiled up some corn on the cob.

And my husband grilled up some hot dogs too.

Here's the giant box of crabs!

While we were all eating the crabs, I think pretty much everyone got crab meat and Old Bay seasoning on themselves and their clothes.  Luckily, we were having a laundry party!  My father-in-law even joked that after we ate, we were all supposed to strip out of our clothes and wash them... at least I think he was joking!  There was a lot of empty beer bottles after the party...

Everyone was pretty shy about the fashion show.  So I had to get it started:

Here I am in my dark denim Bermuda shorts with the Woolite tote bag and my "Go Girl!" sign.

Here's one of my sisters in her denim shorts with the Woolite bag, one of the samples and one of the Woolite dry erase boards my daughter decorated with her own Woolite model.

Here's my cousin "striking a pose" in her colored denim and the Woolite tote!

Here's my other sister in her denim Bermuda shorts and the Woolite tote and another little Woolite model that my daughter drew!

Even my sister's husband modeled for me!  Here's his squinty eyes look.

My father-in-law agreed to have his jeans photographed if he could stand next to another "male model."

Next, was the trivia contest.  The people who played got into three teams.... though really it was my sister and her husband as one team, my cousin by herself and my Mom and other sister on another team.  I read off the questions and those who got the right answer got a sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care.  My son wanted to be in charge of handing out the samples, but he was pretty stingy and would only give each person one sample, even if they won multiple times.

The questions were pretty interesting and I think we all learned something from them.  Some questions I read off the multiple choice answers, others I just let those playing come up with their own.  It got pretty interesting at times!

Here they were asked:

Which stage in the life of jeans produces the most carbon dioxide, at 18.6 kg?

A.  Growing the cotton
B.  Transportation
C.  Washing
D.  Cutting and Sewing

My sister and brother-in-law both chose B and my cousin chose C, which was the right answer!

When asked this question:  According to eBay, which style of jeans was the most popular in 2011 with 790,000 pairs sold?  

My sister and cousin wrote pretty reasonable guesses.

My brother-in-law's answer was a little interesting!

None of them got it right though.  The answer was Bootcut Jeans!

Some questions asked for percentages.  I had them guess and the closest without going over was the winner.

Here they were asked:

What percentage of women use how they fit into their jeans as a measure of whether they need to lose weight?

My sister said 45%, my cousin said 90% and my brother-in-law said 1000% "based on personal experience."  Ha, the answer though was 62%.

I think the one question that took us all by surprise was this one:

If you're really serious about jean care, how long do denim experts recommend you go before washing your jeans for the first time?  
A.  After the first time you wear them
B.  After one week
C.  After a month
D.  After six weeks
E.  After six months

Most said they either washed them before they even wore the jeans or after a week.  Surprisingly, the answer was after six months!

The party was really fun and I think everyone learned a little bit more about how to properly care for their denim.  They each took home a sample of the Woolite Extra Dark Care to try at home.  I haven't tried mine yet but next time I wash my denim shorts or jeans, I will!  Though, I'm supposed to wait six months right?

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