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Saturday, September 17, 2022

DISCLOSURE: I received free products from Tryazon and Spin Master Games in exchange for hosting a party and sharing my honest review. No further compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

My family loves board games. We often make it a point to try and have a game night. We have several family favorites but we are always looking to add more to our collection. We were really excited to be selected as one of the hosts for Tryazon's Spin Master Summer Game Night Party. We received a package of several Spin Master games to play and even one to give away!
Who is Spin Master?

Spin Master is a leading global children's entertainment company, specializing in Toys, Entertainment and Digital Games. Since 2000, they have received over 100 Toy of the Year nominations and they are best known for their award-winning brands like Paw Patrol, Kinetic Sand, Hatchimals and GUND.

Party Recap and Review

Our Game Night Package included:
  • Beat The Parents
  • HedBanz
  • Sink N' Sand
  • Soggy Doggy
  • Escape Room The Game, Escape Your House: Spy Team
  • Less Is More
We had played a couple of these games before and enjoyed them. My daughter was really looking forward to playing Soggy Doggy because she was hoping it got the players wet.

We were having family over for a birthday party and decided to do the game night then. 

Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy is the showering, shaking, wet doggy game. Race your players around the board and take turns washing Soggy Doggy. If he shakes, you have to head back to start. The first one around the board wins.

The kids were excited to play this one. They set it up outside, just in case they got really wet.

Other than needing assistance with putting in the batteries (not included) and pouring water into the tub, the kids were able to get everything set up themselves. It quickly became apparent, though, that you don't actually get wet from the game. And after one game, they lost interest and wanted to go play a different game.

Escape Room The Game, Escape Your House: Spy Team

In Escape Your House, your home is transformed into one of 6 missions where you have 15 minutes to escape your house. Players work together to solve puzzles, find keys and open doors to find the key to unlock the door.

Next, the kids wanted to play the Escape Room game. They thought it sounded fun. But, after taking all the pieces out of the box and reading over the directions, we decided it was too complicated. So, we ended up not playing it during the party.

My kids and I did play it on our own a few days later. We still thought it was complicated to figure out all the different areas in the house to designate for the different areas in the mission. It takes awhile to set up the cards and door hangers. By the time we got it all set up, my one son didn't want to play anymore. My daughter and I didn't even end up doing any of the tasks on the puzzle cards. Out of all the games we received, this one was the least favorite.

Beat The Parents

Beat The Parents is a fun-filled family challenge and trivia game. Kids compete against their parents for household supremacy!

We actually played this game earlier in the summer while we were on a beach vacation. The adults in the beach house versus all the kids and the kids won! It was nice to get a chance to try and beat the kids this time.

In the beginning, you're supposed to make a wager. If the kids win, they'll do "x" or if the parents win, they do "x." We couldn't settle on a wager so ended up skipping that part.

The kids did such a good job at the trivia. There were so many things that we didn't even know they knew. 

Of course, the kids won again!


HedBanz is the quick question game of "What Am I?" Pick a headband, place a card in it and ask "yes" or "no" questions to guess what's on your card. The first player to guess three correctly wins!

Everyone enjoyed this game. It took the kids a little while to figure out what were the best kind of questions to ask to get to the right answer and even sometimes, they were still stumped. It also didn't help that their little cousin would come up and give little subtle hints like flapping his arms for a butterfly or telling them, "It's definitely not a cloud," when in fact it was a cloud!

Less Is More

In this game, try to get a player to guess a word with clues using as few letters as possible. Spelling doesn't matter and the shortest clue goes first. The fewer the guesses, the more points you score. 

My kids usually enjoy word games and were interested to try this game. But, as we played, the rules were a little confusing on what could be considered okay to use as a clue and what wasn't allowed. And so the interest in the game quickly waned. We stopped keeping score and only tried guessing a handful of words before we stopped playing.

Sink N' Sand

A group of jungle explorers are stuck in quicksand. As more and more quicksand falls to the bottom, some explorers will sink with it and be eliminated. Be the last one standing tall when the quicksand falls.

My youngest really enjoyed this game. She likes Kinetic Sand. The game was easy to set up, though at the beginning, you're supposed to use a tray to imprint symbols into the Kinetic Sand. That didn't work too well. The Kinetic Sand was constantly falling and it didn't take too long before the first player went down. It was nice that you could store the Kinetic Sand in the bottom of the game.

Overall, we had a really fun Spin Master Summer Game Night. Beat The Parents and HedBanz were the favorites during the party. Thank you to Spin Master Games and Tryazon for the fun games!

Here's a fun video recap of our party!

Spin Master Games

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