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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I love coffee. I usually start my day drinking a cup or two. I’ll often have a cup of decaf in the
evening after dinner. Sometimes, I’ll even stop by Starbucks in the afternoon and get coffee (a
caramel macchiato!). All that coffee, in addition to my love for iced tea, can cause major staining
to my teeth. I look forward to my twice-yearly cleaning at the dentist, where they make my teeth
nice and shiny again. Sometimes, though, I can’t wait until my next dentist appointment. I want
whiter and brighter teeth now!

Recently, I had the chance to try an at-home whitening system from Smile Brilliant. This system
cuts out the middleman, making it easy to get whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of
professional teeth whitening. The kit includes everything you need to whiten your teeth in the
comfort of your own home. You make your dental impressions with the included materials and
mail it in the included prepaid envelope. Smile Brilliant’s lab then sends your whitening trays,
created from your teeth impressions. Using the included whitening gel and desensitizing gel,
you whiten your teeth at home at your own pace. An average of 7-14 whitening sessions are
needed to remove all stains. The Smile Brilliant system is available in kits for sensitive and
non-sensitive teeth. The amount of staining you have determines the amount of whitening gel
you would need.

I have sensitive teeth and somewhat average staining, since I drink coffee and iced tea pretty
regularly. So, I went with the T6 Sensitive System. It includes up to 18 whitening and
desensitizing sessions.

Making the impressions of my teeth was interesting. The kit includes a base and catalyst that
you mix together and then press into the impression trays. You have 30 seconds to evenly
spread the putty in the trays. Then, you put the trays in your mouth and hold it there for 3
minutes. This was the most uncomfortable part. The quality of your whitening trays depends on
how good the impressions come out. So, I was really nervous about messing it up. It was also
kind of hard to take the tray out of my mouth. I was afraid I’d pull my crown out!

I was seriously expecting them to contact me telling me the impressions weren’t good enough.
But, about 2 1/2 weeks later, my trays came in!

I didn’t realize just how sensitive my teeth actually are. The first time I tried to whiten my teeth, I
couldn’t even keep the whitening trays in my mouth for the full 45 minutes. It may have been
because I put too much whitening gel in, but it was not comfortable. I ended up having to space
out my whitening sessions and wait a few days in between each session. After a week or so, it
was a little easier to whiten my teeth and I was able to keep the trays in for the full amount of

It’s best to whiten your teeth before bed. I made it part of my bedtime routine. After cleansing
and toning my face, I’d put on my whitening trays. Sometimes, I’d even throw on a face sheet
mask. While I waited, I’d watch TV or catch up on email. I even started doing DuoLingo to brush
up on my French and learn Spanish!

I didn’t really see much of a difference until I compared my “Before” and “After” pictures. I did
notice that some of the surface staining did disappear! I’m sure if I had been able to do a few
more sessions longer, I would see even more whitening. I do plan to continue using my
whitening kit until I run out of the whitening and desensitizing gel. I’ll post an update when I’m

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