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Friday, November 10, 2017

DISCLOSURE: As a member of the Parragon Book Buddies Program, I received free books from Parragon Books to review and post my honest opinions. No further compensation was provided. Post may contain affiliate links.

My family and I are big Disney fans. We love watching Disney movies and visiting the Disney Parks. So, we were pretty excited to find out the theme of the October Book Buddies Box from Parragon Books was about the new Disney Pixar movie, Coco!

Coco tells the story about a young boy named Miguel, who finds himself in the Land of the Dead. He sets off on an adventure to learn more about his ancestors. We can't wait to watch this movie when it hits theaters on November 22nd. It'll be a fun family outing and a great start to the Thanksgiving holiday.

My kids love getting packages in the mail. And this month's Book Buddies box was pretty big. This made my son even more excited to see what was inside!

He wasted no time in opening the box and taking out all the books.

Our October Book Buddies Box included:
  • Disney Pixar Coco Mosaic Stickers By Numbers
  • Disney Pixar Coco Always Remember Coloring Book
  • Disney Pixar Coco Friends Forever Activity Book
  • Disney Pixar Coco Sing Your Song
  • Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure Little Snowman, Big Adventures
Disney Pixar Coco Mosaic Stickers By Numbers

My seven-year-old son was interested in checking this book out first. The book includes over 1000 stickers that you match by number to create fun and colorful mosaics. You can decorate sugar skulls and a sombrero and even make dancing skeletons.

My son chose to try the first page. You use the stickers to create a disguise for Miguel to wear while he's in the Land of the Dead. It's pretty easy to figure out where the stickers go, but my son did need help with removing the stickers from the sticker pages and he needed some help with orienting the stickers correctly on the mosaic. He did accidentally fold one of the stickers while he was trying to get it on the page correctly, but it didn't really mess up the finished picture. A younger child might need more help. Like, if my 4-year-old was to use this book, I would probably have her just help me locate the correct numbered sticker and find the number on the mosaic page. But, I'd be the one to actually remove and place the stickers.

Disney Pixar Coco Always Remember

Disney Pixar Coco Always Remember is a coloring book printed entirely on black paper. It includes four brightly colored crayons, so you can add color to The Land of The Dead.

This coloring book was great for my 4-year-old. She loves to draw and color. She saw the crayons and wanted to start coloring right away!

This was a nice book for her. She could really color the book any way she wanted, with any color combination. It didn't really matter. Plus, if she colored outside of the lines, it wasn't as noticeable on the black paper.

But, it would also work well for an older child (or adult). You can be really creative with how you color the pages, making the designs as simple or intricate as you wanted.

Disney Pixar Coco Friends Forever

This was one of my favorite books in this month's Book Buddies Box. It's both a coloring and activity book. In the beginning of the book, you use stickers to complete the story. It was nice to see what the movie was about. It made me want to see it more.

My son enjoyed adding the stickers to the different movie scenes and reading the story. He especially liked decorating a sugar skull.

The book also features coloring pages and activities, like mazes and matching.

Disney Pixar Coco Sing Your Song

This book is a nice little sketchbook with fun activities based on the Coco movie. My four-year-old and seven-year-old kids were a little young for a lot of the activities, though. An older child or even an adult would have more fun with this book.

It includes activities like drawing your own adventure, designing a poster, and adding lyrics to a song. It also includes press-out sugar skull masks that you can wear.

My seven-year-old had difficulty finding an activity in the book that he felt he could complete. He ended up just coloring in candles on a page about The Land of the Dead.

Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Little Snowman, Big Adventures

Along with the release of Disney Pixar Coco on November 22, there will also be a new Frozen short that will be played prior the beginning of Coco. Olaf's Frozen Adventure tells the story of Olaf's quest for different holiday traditions to bring home to Anna and Elsa, who did not have any family traditions.

Little Snowman, Big Adventures is a fun coloring and activity book. In addition to coloring pages, there are drawing pages, mazes and dot-to-dots.

My four-year-old daughter loved this book. She loves Frozen and she loves coloring. She can't wait to see the new Frozen short!

We really enjoyed all the books that we received in our Book Buddies this month They're a great way to get the family excited to go see the new Disney Pixar movie.  All of the books are available for purchase at your local bookstore or from online retailers, such as Amazon (affiliate links below).

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