Mucinex Fast-Max Clear & Cool Cold Flu & Sore Throat - REVIEW

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DISCLOSURE: I received a free sample from Smiley360 to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I've had a cold now for the past few days. It started with a sore throat and progressively got worse. My ear hurts, my nose is stuffy and runny, my body hurts and I have a low-grade fever. I haven't been feeling so run down that I haven't been able to get out of bed, but I just feel like blah.

The other night, I couldn't even sleep because my nose was running so much. I had to get up and take some night-time cold medicine to help me get some sleep.

The next day, I decided to try this Mucinex Fast-Max Clear & Cool Cold, Flu & Sore Throat liquid that I received from Smiley360. I don't normally like to drink liquid medicine. They usually have a weird taste that require me chasing it down with some other drink.

Mucinex Fast-Max Clear & Cool, Cold Flu & Sore Throat
  • Relieves headache and fever
  • Controls cough
  • Relieves nasal and chest congestion
  • Thins and loosens mucus

It's formulated to coat your throat and release a menthol burst. The active ingredients include:
  • Acetaminophen - Pain reliever/fever reducer
  • Dextromethorphan HBr - Cough suppressant
  • Guaifenesin - Expectorant
  • Phenylephrine HCl - Nasal decongestant

I was a little apprehensive taking the medicine. But, I wanted some relief. The whole family and I were going to go visit a national park since admission was free that day and I wanted to come. (I'll post about that visit soon!)

The dose for adults is 20 mL. I used the included dosage cup and drank it. Instantly, I could feel the menthol going down my throat. It tasted kind of minty, almost like a really strong Altoid mint. Some people might find it kind of strong. But, I drank some water afterwards and it was fine.

Within 20 minutes, I was starting to feel a little better. I could breathe out of my nose and my throat wasn't hurting anymore. I was able to explore that park with my kids and not feel too bad.

It's a day later now. I'm still sick, but definitely on the mend. I haven't felt bad enough today to need the Mucinex. Though, if I were going to work today, I'd likely take a dose before work and at lunch to make sure I can get through the work day.

You can find Mucinex Fast-Max Clear & Cool, Cold Flu & Sore Throat at your local drugstore, grocery store or mass merchandiser. It retails for about $12.99 for a 6 fl-oz bottle.

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