Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration Party! Part 2

Thursday, February 20, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration from Disney Parks and MomSelect.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

Party time!

I hosted my Disney Side @Home Celebration Party Valentine's Day weekend.  It had snowed a bunch the days before the party and I was worried guests were going to cancel.  But, luckily, we had a pretty good turn out.

Here are some of the decorations that I put up, including the hanging directions sent in the party kit, hanging paper garland that I made and a Mickey wreath that I put together.  If I had more time, I probably would have put up a lot more!

These are the goody bags that I made for the kids to take home.  I thought they came out really cute!

It was hard to figure out what to serve, since we had both kids and adults attending.  We ended up making mac and cheese, ham, some empanadas one of the guests brought, pasta salad, fruit, chips and salsa, cheese cut into Mickey head shapes, crackers, Caesar Salad and pretzels.  The ones in the green bowl were Disney Valentines (on clearance since it was after Valentine's Day!).  The ones in the clear bowl were Chocolate-Covered Pretzels in Mickey shapes (bought before Valentine's Day, since I figured they would be gone before the clearance sale -- and I was right!).

Here's a close-up of the Utz Chocolate Covered Mickey Shaped Pretzels.  They were cute and my three-year-old ate so many of them!

The party kit included calendars, runDisney bumper stickers, Pluto stickers and Goofy temporary tattoos.  But, there was only enough for ten people and I had more kids than that.  So I set them out near the food for people to take, if they wanted one.

For dessert, I made Mickey-shaped Rice Krispy Treats and covered the ears in chocolate.

I also made Mickey Mouse Cupcakes.  I used my favorite Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe.  The cake is really rich and moist and the cream cheese frosting is so yummy!  I added Oreo ears and Mickey sprinkles on top.

Sadly, once the guests arrived and the craziness ensued, I didn't get many pictures!  Here's one of the very few pictures of me with my DIY Mickey ears and Beauty and the Beast T-shirt.  I got it on clearance at Target!

After the guests ate, it was time for games!  For the first game, I made up some index cards with a name of a Disney character on it.  I taped the index card onto each guest's back and they had to go around asking other guests questions to try and guess who they were.  I made a set of easy ones for the younger kids.  These included characters like Mickey and Sophia the First.  I made another set of harder ones for the adults and older kids.  These included characters like Maleficent and Flynn Rider.

Everyone had a lot of fun with this game.  I gave away prizes to the first five people who guessed their character.  Though, there were several guests, including kids, who couldn't come up with the name of their character.  My daughter's poor friend knew that her character was from Beauty and the Beast and was a villain and it wasn't the Beast, but she didn't know enough about the movie to guess who it was. (Gaston)

People got super excited when they finally guessed who their character was!

When they won, they got to choose something from my big box of prizes.  Most prizes, though, were meant for the little ones.  I did add the HP Photo Card Packs that were included in the party pack since I don't have a photo printer.

Next, we played Disney Trivia.  The Disney Side @Home Celebration kit included a set of trivia cards.

Some of the questions were a little hard.  Especially, for those who weren't that familiar with Disney Parks or many Disney movies.  I had to stop my kids from answering because they kept winning! It took awhile before someone could come up with the names of all eleven official Disney Princesses!  (Can you name them?)

Last, we played the Disney BINGO game that was included in the party kit.  I used my Mickey hole puncher to make little Mickey-shaped BINGO markers.  Since we only had ten cards, guests teamed up.  Winners received a lithograph of Will Gay's "So This Is Love."

All of the cards, though, had the same things on them -- just in different places.  So, during the second round of BINGO, every team won!  Since I had limited the Will Gay prints to one per family, others chose a prize from the box of prizes.

We ended the party with a movie.  They chose "Tangled."  I served them popcorn from this big tin that I got from Target.  It's so cute!  It had butter, white cheddar and caramel popcorn in it.  I put the popcorn in the Mickey party cups that were included in the party kit.

A big thank you to Disney Parks, MomSelect, American Tourister, HP, Ocean Spray and the other sponsors for giving us the chance to show our Disney Side!

Do you want to throw your own Disney Side party?  Visit http://www.disneysidecelebrations.com/ for party ideas!

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