COVERGIRL blastflipstick Review

Monday, January 7, 2013

DISCLOSURE:  I received three free COVERGIRL blastflipsticks to try and review as a member of  All opinions are my own.

I'm always on the search for the perfect lipstick.  I want something that's long-lasting, moisturizing and comes in a lot of great colors that suit me.  When I was given the chance to try COVERGIRL's new blastflipsticks, I jumped at the opportunity.  I've tried other products in their blast line of makeup, including the mascara and eyeshadow.  I thought it would be fun to see if I liked the lipsticks.

BzzAgent sent a kit that included three shades of the blastflipsticks, a BzzGuide and coupons to share:

The COVERGIRL blastflipstick features 2 lipsticks in one.  One end has a creamy, bold shade and the other has a shimmery shade.  They can each be worn alone or blended together to make a new shade.  There are 13 shade duos and they feature a moisturizing formula that mix perfectly without feeling heavy or dry.


WHISPER - Taupe and pearl pink shades

PUCKER - Light berry and lilac shades

GLIMMER - Dark berry and soft pink shades

FLASHY - Dark berry and lilac shades

VIXEN - Burgundy and pearl pink shades

PERKY - Bright pink and light pink shades

TEASE  - Red and gold shades

CHEEKY - Bright pink and peach shades

STUNNER - Bright pink and gold shades

SNAP - Taupe and sand shades

SMOOCH - Copper and sand shades

MINX - Deep brown and gold shades

INTENSE - Deep berry and taupe shades

BzzAgent sent me Vixen, Minx and Stunner to try.  I usually tend to stick within the same shade family, usually a berry or burgundy color for my lips.  I tend to stay away from pinks, orange, gold and brown shades.  I also don't like to wear colors that are too loud or bold.  Sadly, two of the blastflipsticks sent for me to try included these colors.  But, I was willing to try them.

My favorite of the three duos sent to me was Vixen.  While it does have a pink shade, I usually either wear the burgundy shade alone or with the pink shimmer layered on top.  It lightens the color a little and the pink was more muted.

Here I am wearing the burgundy cream color side of the Vixen blastflipstick.  This is the color closest to what I normally wear.  I liked this color a lot and have been wearing this by itself or layered with the pearl pink to work.  It's not too bold, but gives me enough color.

Here, I'm wearing the pearl pink shimmer side of the Vixen blastflipstick.  I usually avoid pinks because they never seem to look right on me.  This one wasn't too bad.  It's a light color, but something that I could possibly get away with wearing.

Here I am wearing the burgundy and pearl pink sides of the Vixen blastflipstick layered together.  I applied the burgundy to my entire lip and then the pearl pink just to the middle portion of my top and bottom lips.  This is how I've been wearing my lipstick since I've gotten the BzzKit.  It's a nice color combination and isn't too bright.

My next favorite was Minx.  I didn't think I would like it since I've never worn lipstick with brown and gold shades before.  I didn't think it would look that great on me, but looking through my pictures, I think it looks even better than the Vixen!  I might have to start wearing Minx more often!

Here I am wearing the deep brown side of the Minx blastflipstick.  It's actually a pretty muted color on me.  I thought it would go on much darker.

Here I am wearing the gold shimmer side of the Minx blastflipstick.  Though, I don't think I completely removed the lipstick I was wearing previous to taking this picture!  The color looks more red in this picture.  I wouldn't wear the gold side by itself.

Here I am wearing the two sides of the Minx blastflipstick layered together.  I applied the deep brown shade all over and then the gold shimmer just on the middle portion of my top and bottom lips.  I thought this shade would be too dark for me, but I actually like it!

I saved trying the Stunner blastflipstick for last.  It combines a really bright pink -- almost orange color -- shade with a gold shimmer.  I didn't think I would look good in it at all -- and I was right!

Here I am wearing the bright pink cream side of the Stunner blastflipstick.  It was WAY too bright for me!  I could never wear this shade of pink.  Though, in the picture it looks a little more muted.  In real life, it's like, "Whoa!"  I looked like I just ate a big red popsicle and then wiped it all over my lips.

Here, I'm wearing the gold shimmer side of the Stunner blastflipstick.  It was pretty light and I'm not sure if I took off the previous lipstick entirely before applying this one.  If I wear this shade again, I'd probably only use it for layering and not by itself.

Here I am wearing both sides of the Stunner blastflipstick layered together.  I have the bright pink all over and the gold applied just to the middle part of my top and bottom lips.  In the picture, it doesn't look too bad.  But, in real life, it was just much too bright for me.

The blastflipstick claims to have a moisturizing formula, but I did find it was easier to apply the lipstick when I put on lip balm first.  It was too drying to wear just the lipstick alone.  The color did last, though.  Longer than the gloss balm (also by COVERGIRL) that I normally wear.  On a normal work day, I only had to reapply the blastflipstick after lunch, whereas with the gloss balm that I was wearing before, I had to reapply several times during my work day.

Would you recommend it?
I haven't had the chance to try all the different color combinations, but I do like the Vixen and Minx combos.  I've been wearing the Vixen one all the time and will start using Minx, too.  I have bad luck with buying the wrong colors when it comes to makeup.  Covergirl does have a Color Matcher on its website, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet to see which shades of blastflipstick it recommends for me.  I do like that each blastflipstick comes with two different shades to mix and match.

How much does it cost?
The suggested retail price is $8.49.

Where can I buy it?
You can find it at all major drug stores, mass merchandisers, grocery stores and online retailers.

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