Woolite Complete Review

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DISCLOSURE:  I received a bottle of Woolite Complete from Smiley360.com and Woolite to review.  All opinions are my own.

I'm not fond of hand washing.  But yet the majority of my favorite sweaters and work tops are either Dry Clean Only or Hand Wash Only.  I usually end up with a pile of clothes that either need to be sent to the dry cleaner or need to be hand washed and I end up with nothing to wear!  So, I was pretty excited when I heard I would be receiving a full size bottle of Woolite Complete to try!

The day the bottle arrived, I gathered all the sweaters and tops that were sitting in my room (on top of a pile of stuffed animals that need sewing -- another thing I'm procrastinating on!) and set off to do a load of hand washables.  Usually I just throw in my regular wash clothes in the washer, pour some detergent on, set it to cold and turn on the washer.  With Woolite Complete, you need to first fill the washer with water, pour the detergent in and then add in your laundry.  I followed the directions and set the washer to Hand Wash.

Once the wash was done, I took the clothes out and laid them flat to dry in my room.  I only have so many drying racks, so there were clothes on my dressers and hampers and other random places!  It took a full day for most items to dry.  But once they were all dry, I was amazed!  It was like I never wore any of the items!  They all looked great, even my favorite angora sweater with the giant cowl neck!

So what do I like about Woolite?
  • It's easy to use.  Yes I had to switch my routine a little, but it's easy enough to first fill the washer with water and then add in the detergent.  That's probably how I should do all my laundry...
  • It smells great!
  • It left my clothes soft and didn't mess up my hand washables.
Anything I didn't like?  Not really.  The bottle was kind of small, but it comes in a bigger size too.

Would you recommend it?  Yes!  It does what it says.  It's great for your delicates but it also works for all your other laundry too.  I know I hate having to buy different products for different things.  I search for multi-purpose items.

How much does it cost?  Woolite Complete comes in a 13.3 oz, 50 oz and 100 oz bottle.  The 50 oz bottle is roughly around $10.  Woolite's Facebook page currently has a $2 off coupon available to download.

Where can I buy it?    Available at all major drug stores, mass merchandisers, grocery stores and online retailers.

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