Spice Up Your Style in Old Navy Dresses Sample & Share - Review

Monday, November 19, 2012

DISCLOSURE:  I was chosen as a member of Crowdtap to try and review a free dress from Old Navy for myself and a friend.  All opinions are my own.

It's been awhile since I last participated in an Old Navy sample share through Crowdtap.  I haven't had the time to be as active on the Crowdtap site as I once was, so it was pretty exciting to get the invite to try out an Old Navy dress for free!

Old Navy usually has pretty nice dresses.  This past Spring, I bought a ton of dresses from Old Navy that I wore a lot during the summer.  This season, Old Navy's dresses come in a lot of fun colors, patterns and styles.

But, this Old Navy sampling's timing was a little off for me.  I'm 13 weeks pregnant and so that severely limited the dresses I could choose from.  Old Navy tends to have a very small maternity section and it's not available in all store locations.

I chose my sister to go with me to this sample share, since I had gone to the last one with my other sister.   Here we are with our coupons before we headed out to the mall:

When we walked into the store, the women's dresses were all pretty much grouped together near the front of the store.

My sister was able to find a bunch of things to try on right away:

I had to be a little more selective.  I did choose a few dresses in the regular Women's section to try on and then headed over to the maternity section.  This is all they had for me to choose from:

There were maybe 4 or 5 styles to choose from and the majority of them were size L or XL -- way too big for me.

Sad face.  =(

I tried on the Women's Belted Cap-Sleeve Knit Dress in Blackjack ($26.94) first.  I chose a size bigger than I normally wear and it was really cute.  But, I felt in a few weeks to months, it wouldn't fit anymore and I wouldn't get to wear it for awhile.   I might get it later if it goes on sale or clearance to wear after baby.

My sister tried on the Women's Belted 3/4-Sleeve Dress in Shot of Love ($29.94) and the Women's Bow-Tie Ballet Flats in Blue ($19.94).  She really liked this one and in the end, got this with her coupon.

Next, I tried on the Women's Cross-Front Jersey Dress in Gestalt Green ($32.94).   I also tried this on in a size larger than I normally wear.  I really liked the color of the dress.

But, the cross-front part was kind of weird.  It would shift as I moved and there was this hole in the dress:

My sister next tried on the Women's Crepe Tie-Belt Shift Dress in Robbie Red ($29.94).  She paired it with her own boots and the Women's The Rockstar Jean Jacket ($29.94).

The last non-maternity dress I tried on was the Women's Crepe Shift Dress ($29.94).  I thought it was kind of big so I'd fit into it.  But it's extremely short and I just looked fat and pregnant in it!  Especially from the side.

My sister also tried on the Women's Belted 3/4-Sleeve Dress in Black and White ($29.94) with the Waffle Knit Sweater Scarf ($14.94).  She liked it but they didn't have her size.  She tried on the Small but needed an XS.

Then, I tried on the Maternity Cross-Front Knit Jersey Dress in Black/Gray Stripe ($29.94).  I tried it on in an XS but it was still kind of big and less flattering.  But, I figured I'd grow into it.  This is the dress I ended up getting with my coupon.  I could wear it both to work and for the holidays.

Last, my sister tried on the Women's Belted Cap-Sleeve Knit Dress in Blackjack ($26.94) and paired it with the Women's Bow-Tie Ballet Flats in Blue ($19.94) and the Women's Softest Sweater Beanie ($12.94).

I also tried on the Maternity Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress in Black Jack ($39.94).  But I thought it looked stupid on me.  The cowl neck wasn't big enough and just kind of hung there, though, it was nice and warm.

There was one dress that I really wanted to try on but I could only find it in XL, except for on this mannequin!  I really wanted to strip it off the mannequin but then I felt bad about leaving it naked and it was hard to track down a sales clerk who could help me.  They were either at the registers ringing up customers or hiding from me!  I'm thinking of ordering the Maternity Cable-Knit Sweater Dress ($36.94) online.  It's on sale right now and today only I can take an additional 30% off!  I might order some other maternity things too since the physical stores have such a small selection of maternity clothes.

This sample and share was fun.  I just wish I wasn't pregnant!  I probably would have gotten a bunch of other dresses in addition to my free one.  Thank you Crowdtap and Old Navy!

Would you recommend it? Yes!  Old Navy has a great collection of dresses this season.  Not so much for maternity, but that's to be expected.  If I weren't pregnant, I definitely would have bought a bunch of dresses!

How much does it cost?  Women's dresses range in price from $19.94 to $49.94.

Where can I buy it?  In Old Navy stores and oldnavy.com.

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