Visiting The Wright Brothers Memorial - Without The Kids!

Monday, October 3, 2016

During our annual trip to the Outer Banks this past summer, my husband and I had the chance to revisit the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC. We had visited once before about 6 years ago with my then 5-year-old and 2-year-old. We didn't really get a good chance to look around at everything, since it was hot and the kids weren't really interested in reading all the little signs around. Plus, I was pregnant and not really feeling the walk up to the actual memorial. So, when my in-laws offered to watch the kids one night during the trip, my husband and I thought it would be fun to go to the Wright Brothers National Memorial before we went out to dinner.

We arrived about an hour before the park was going to close. When paying for our admission, the park ranger suggested we start with the loop around the Wright Brothers Memorial before visiting the Visitor Center. That way we can make sure we see everything before the park closed.

So, we made a left past the Visitor Center and parked in the first parking area around the Memorial. It's kind of a steep walk up a hill to get to the Wright Brothers Memorial. I'm so out of shape, so that was no fun. My husband helped me with the last part by pushing on my back as we walked up.

The walk up Big Kill Devil Hill

Orville and Wilbur

It was really windy at the top, but cool to see the surrounding area. I even spotted the restaurant that we were going to eat at for dinner!

A view from the Wright Brothers Memorial

It was very windy up top

After taking a bunch of pictures, we walked back down to the car and drove over to the First Flight Sculpture Garden. We didn't get to see this on our first visit. It was nice to get the chance to read all the signs around the sculptures, instead of having to mind the kids running around and climbing on things!

First Flight Sculpture

Then, we drove over to the Visitor Center and walked around. Since the kids weren't with us, we again had the chance to look at all the exhibits and read all the signs. Though, we didn't get to see the replicas of the glider and flyer in the Visitor Center. There was a talk going on in that area and it was crowded.

Visitor Center

Next, we headed back outside to look at the Reconstructed Camp Buildings where the Wright Brothers lived and worked on their gliders.

Last, we checked out the Flight Line to see where the Wright Brothers had their flights attempts and where they landed.

It was a great visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial. I think when we visit the Outer Banks next year, we'll take the kids -- now, that we've already seen everything!

The Wright Brothers National Memorial is open everyday, except Christmas Day. The hours are from 9 AM - 5 PM.  Admission is $7 for anyone 16 years and older.

Wright Brothers National Memorial
1000 North Croatan Highway
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

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