Eatsmart Snacks Garlic Hummus Three Bean Tortilla Chips - REVIEW #Eatsmart

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DISCLOSURE: I received free products from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

A couple weeks ago, Zootopia was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and as soon as it arrived, we did an impromptu movie night (never mind that it was 4 in the afternoon). I figured it would be the perfect chance to try the bag of Eatsmart Snacks Three Bean Tortilla Chip that I got sent in the Sprout VoxBox from Influenster.

Eatsmart Snacks Three Bean Tortilla Chips are made with pinto, navy and black beans. They contain 14 grams of whole grains, 2 grams of fiber and are made with non-GMO ingredients. They are certified gluten-free and are available in Spicy Black Bean and Garlic Hummus flavors. They retail for $3.99 a bag.

For our movie night, I popped some popcorn and put out the Eatsmart Tortilla Chips with some guacamole.

This was our first time watching Zootopia and our first time trying anything from Eatsmart Snacks. The movie was awesome. My middle kids got tired of watching halfway through and left the room. But, my oldest and youngest watched the entire movie. My oldest tried one of the Eatsmart chips, but decided she didn't like it. She, instead, ate all the popcorn. My youngest, though, LOVED the Eatsmart chips. She hogged the whole bag and called them her chips.

The chips were light and flavorful. I was a little hesitant to try them, since they were made from beans. I was afraid they would taste weird and/or have a weird after taste. But, no, they were good! They tasted good, even without being dipped in the guacamole. We ate the entire bag in that one sitting! I'll have to buy more the next time we go out.

Have you tried Eatsmart Snacks Three Bean Tortilla Chips before? What did you think?

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