It's Back To School Time with Kidecals!

Monday, August 25, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received a free pack of Kidecals to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

As hard as it is to believe, today was the first day of school for my two older  kids. My first born is starting fifth grade!  I can't believe it!  Yesterday, she celebrated her tenth birthday and now she's starting her last year at her school.  Next year, she'll move on to middle school!

My next oldest is starting second grade.  He was nervous on his way to school this morning. A couple weeks before classes had started, we were going over his school supply list and checking to see what we needed to buy.  That's when he told me about how during the last school year, some of the kids in his class would take things from his desk.  One classmate took his favorite eraser.  Another took a pencil he had earned for being good.  Another time, someone had taken his scissors!  That was pretty upsetting to hear.  I decided that we would have to label everything he brought to school for the upcoming year.

Coincidentally, I had just received an opportunity to try and review Kidecals.  I thought that would be a great way to label everything, as opposed to writing my kids' names with a permanent marker.  That never seemed to last and didn't fare well with rain or going through the wash.

The Kidecals website is pretty easy to navigate.  They sell all sorts of labels, as well as wall decals.  You can search by gender, purpose, age, style and even view their best sellers.  Since I was buying labels for my daughter and son, I went with a pretty neutral design and chose to just put our last name on it.  I chose the Blue and Gold design and ordered the Mega Set ($28), which included 24 2 x 0.5 inch labels and 54 1 x 0.25 inch labels.  I ordered a little more than a week before the first day of school.  I never received a shipping notice, so I was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time.  Thankfully, it took less than a week after ordering to arrive.  The labels came in this cute envelope.

Cute and colorful envelope!
Our labels!
Inside the envelope were our new labels.  They looked really nice.  I love how they're waterproof and safe to use in a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer!  I'm planning to use them on my preschooler's extra set of clothes and on his jackets.  He starts class next week!

We were kind of last minute in getting my kids' backpacks ready for the new school year.  We sat down and packed their backpacks and labeled everything the day before classes started.

The labels were easy to peel off the backing sheet and easy to remove if we needed to reposition them.

These are NOT my man hands =)

I used the labels on my kids' backpacks, composition notebooks, pencil cases, scissors, erasers, pencils and lunch bags.

They look great and I'm hoping this curtails any swiping of school supplies!  I'll update this post in about a month to show how the labels have held up.

Walking to school this morning!

Ready to buy?
Kidecals can be purchased online at the Kidecals website.  They offer many kinds of labels, including labels that can be used for school, daycare, clothing and even computer keyboards (I think I want these next).  Prices start as low as $5, depending on what you order.  All orders ship for free and ship within 48 hours.


  1. I love labeling everything, it is a bit of a sickness :) I have used Kidecals before and they are terrific quality!!

  2. These are great and I love that they are easy to use. If your child does not use that supply, you can put another sticker over it.

  3. Hey now -- Those are cool!! I wish I was back at school!! =)

  4. So nice! Sure beats the tape I used to use :)

  5. I so could have used these last week when I was trying to write on anything & everything with my Sharpie. Needless to say it took forever & the tip of the marker got all messed up (which means that some of my labeling was almost unreadable).

  6. I love these labels! I'm so afraid of my son's stuff going missing and these are perfect. Much better than using a marker!

  7. Those labels are just big enough to make a statement, but small enough where it doesn't become a distraction. I need some of those.