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Friday, December 18, 2015

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My two-year-old daughter loves music. She loves to sing and dance and play instruments. So, when I was offered the chance to try out a Music Together class from Moms Meet, I jumped at the opportunity!

Music Together classes offer families a way to bond over music. During the class, adults and children sing and make music and dance. They can then re-create the fun at home with recordings and songbooks. Music Together offers classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids (age 5-7). Classes can be found in 2500 communities in more than 40 countries around the world.

During the weekly 45-minute classes, families share songs, play instruments, and do small- and large-movement activities. The classes are relaxed and playful. While everyone is encouraged to participate, they understand that each child learns in different ways. Kids are never required to sit in the circle or do what the teacher says.

Each session ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the season. Each semester, they use a new song collection. Families receive copies of the recordings used in class, an illustrated songbook with notation and activities to try at home, parent education materials and exclusive access to digital music downloads, bonus activities and more on their online Family Music Zone.

Some of the Music Together CDs
We attended a Music Together class in Alexandria, VA. They were between semesters, so we attended one of the Holiday Mini Sessions offered. The class started with everyone gathered around in a circle. After a short intro, the teacher started singing the "Hello Song." They went around and sang hello to all the children in attendance. We weren't familiar with the song, but we tried our best to sing along.

My daughter spent the beginning of the class on my lap.
They continued singing a couple other songs that we weren't familiar with, so my daughter spent the beginning of the class on either my lap or my husband's lap.

Since Christmas is next week, we next sang a few Christmas songs. They handed out jingle bells for the kids to play with while we sang "Jingle Bells." Next, we sang "Deck The Halls." My daughter decided she wanted to get up and run around my husband and me, while everyone else sang.

My daughter didn't really want to sing and instead ran around my husband and me.
The teacher took notice and encouraged the other kids to run around their grown ups.

Next, the teacher brought out a box of scarves and had the kids and adults take one. We were told to move and dance around as we pleased. My daughter didn't really care for this part. My husband and I took turns trying to tickle her with the scarves, instead.

I think my daughter had the most fun when the instruments came out. There were drums and egg shakers and other little noise makers. My daughter loves drums and grabbed one to play with.

Playing the drum was her favorite part.
The class ended with everyone singing "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell." Overall, my daughter had a lot of fun and she's expressed interest in attending another class.

Attend A Free Music Together Class!
Does this sound like something you and your child might enjoy? Right now, you can attend a free Music Together class! Visit to find a location near you.

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Download the "Hello Everbody" app for free and get eight Music Together songs that you can listen and sing along to, whether you're at home or on the go. You can show or hide the lyrics and turn the vocals up or down or all the way off for an instrumental track so you can make up your own words! You can use your device's camera to record your family singing and dancing to the music and share your video with friends and family. The app also includes a digital version of the "Hello, Everybody!" Singalong Storybook.

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