I'm a Disney Side @Home Celebration Party Host!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Show Your Disney SideLast week, I received the most awesome news! I was selected out of thousands of applicants to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration Party!  If you ask anyone who knows me at all, they can tell you I'm a HUGE Disney fan!  If I could, I'd go to Disney World every day.  I love Disney movies and don't even mind watching Disney Jr and The Disney Channel with my kids.  And yes, I'll admit I've caught myself watching "Sofia The First" or "Austin & Ally" when my kids are no longer in the room!

So, what is "Disney Side"?  Everyone has a Disney Side.  It's that fun-loving adventurous spirit that comes out to play when you're feeling the Disney magic!  For me, it's when we take our almost annual trips to Disney World.  I love watching my kids as they experience a lot of the same rides and meeting the same characters just as I did when I was a kid.  And I love experiencing all the new attractions with them, too.  What's your Disney Side?  You can take this fun quiz to find out!

Families selected to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration will be holding their celebrations in the last two weeks of February.  While hosts will be sent a kit containing party favors, decorations, games, activities and recipe ideas, each family will have a chance to personalize their celebration and make it their own.  Interested in joining the Disney Side Celebration?  While the application deadline has passed for the in-home parties, you can visit the Disney Side Celebration website on ideas on how to host your own Disney Side party!

From our November 2012 trip to Walt Disney World

DISCLOSURE: I will receive free products to host the Disney Side @ Home Celebration from Disney Parks and Mom Select, but my opinions are my own.

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