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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received a free jar of Hershey's Chocolate Spreads to facilitate this review.  My opinions are my own.

Because of my nut allergy, I've always felt left out of the Nutella craze.  So, I was pretty excited when I heard that Hershey's was coming out with their own line of chocolate spreads and that it would include a regular chocolate flavor, without hazelnuts.  I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try.

Hershey's Spreads is available in three flavors: Chocolate, Hazelnut and Almond.  I was sent a jar of the Chocolate flavor to try from Crowdtap.  Besides the obvious use of spreading the Hershey's on fruits, pretzels, and other foods, I knew I wanted to bake something with it.

I tend to bake a bunch of different kinds of cookies at Christmas time and this year was no exception.  I decided to make some sandwich cookies using the Hershey's Spreads.  Initially, I wanted to make shortbread cookies and sandwich them with the chocolate spread.  But, sadly, my dough didn't turn out as expected and I ended up trashing it and making a butter cookie recipe instead.  They were yummy, but HUGE!

The Hershey's Chocolate spread was pretty easy to use and really rich and fudgy.  That fudgy flavor led me to bake brownies with them!  I blogged about the brownies on my baking blog.  They were really decadent and my husband even thought they were too chocolatey!

I also used the Hershey's Chocolate Spread on croissants.  My kids loved that!  We ate it for breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon!

Would you recommend it?
Yes!  The Hershey's Chocolate Spread was delicious and I'd definitely buy it again.

How much does it cost?  A 13-oz jar retails between $3-$4.

Where can I buy it?  You can find it at mass merchandisers, grocery stores and online retailers.

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