Old Navy Bundle Up Bash Party - Winter 2011 Line Review

Saturday, December 17, 2011

DISCLOSURE:  I recently had another sampling opportunity provided by Crowdtap.com and Old Navy.  This was an in-store opportunity to try on items from Old Navy's winter collection.  Three of my friends and I were given a coupon for a free women's sweater, free women's pants and a free winter accessory -- a hat, scarf or gloves.  All opinions are my own.

Since it's close to Christmas time, we had a hard time coordinating our schedules to come up with a time to meet up at Old Navy.   Once we did come up with a time and date, it turned out the coupons didn't arrive on time!  So we had to cancel and reschedule.  I ended up going with a completely different group than I had originally planned, but we still had a great time.

I ended up taking one of my sisters, my Mom and a friend from work.  We met up on a Monday morning, about an hour after the mall opened.  It wasn't too crowded yet, but there already was a huge line outside the store for pictures with Santa.  Once we got inside, we were greeted by one of the managers.  I showed her the letter from Crowdtap, informing them of what we were doing and asking them to allow us to take pictures and video.  She looked confused as she read the letter, but said okay and to ask her if we needed help with anything.

We proceeded to spread out and look for things to try on.  My sister has previously gone with me to previous Crowdtap sampling parties, so she pretty much knew what to expect and went off to look for sweaters, pants and accessories to try out.  It was the first time my Mom had done anything Crowdtap-related, so she was super excited.  She kept thanking me for picking her to come along.

Once our arms were full, we went over to the dressing rooms to try our clothes on.  Luckily, the store wasn't too busy yet and we were able to snag four dressing rooms right by each other.  My sister loved the first outfit she tried on and ultimately went with the Tie-Belt Drape-Jersey Pants ($34.94) because she thought they looked so great!  The rest of us weren't entirely happy with our first outfits and went back into the dressing rooms to change.

There were a lot of sweaters to choose from, but for me, I found that a lot of them were cropped and felt too short for me.  I usually prefer a longer length sweater.  My Mom was afraid there wouldn't be many styles to choose from because of her size.  But she was happy to find that the XL fit her well.  I did find that some items that I would have liked to try on were either nowhere to be found in the store or were not available in the size I wanted.

We each tried on at least three or four different outfits each.  I think my Mom ended up trying on the most!  She was having so much fun that she begged me to take her on the next sampling opportunity!  All in all, we probably spent more than an hour browsing and trying on different outfits and maybe 5-10 minutes waiting in line.

All the cashiers were so surprised at the coupons.  None of them had ever heard of Crowdtap and asked where we had gotten the coupons.  My sister, friend and I all ended up buying more than what the coupon covered since we loved a lot of what we tried on.  My Mom only got what the coupon covered and the cashier who rang her up was just amazed that her total out of pocket was nothing!

I ended up getting the Open-Front Cardigan ($54.94), the Diva Skinny Jeans ($29.50) and a gray Striped Sequins Scarf ($19.94).  My sister bought the aforementioned Tie-Belt Drape-Jersey Pants, the Mixed-Gauge Sweater ($32.94) and the Wool Cloche Hat (16.94).  My Mom got a Cropped Cardigan ($44.94), the Sweetheart Skinny Jeans ($29.50), and the Braided Zig-Zag Scarf ($19.94).  My friend got the same Open-Front Cardigan ($54.94), the Power Stretch Active Boot-Cut Pants ($44.94) and a gray/yellow tartan scarf.

Would you recommend it?
Yes!  Old Navy has a great collection of sweaters, pants and winter accessories.  They're on-trend and very affordable.  They have a wide selection of styles and sizes.  There's something for everyone!

How much does it cost?  Regular prices for sweaters start at $24.94, jeans start at $29.50 and winter accessories start at $8.94.

Where can I buy it?  In Old Navy stores and oldnavy.com.

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