Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


I honestly cannot believe it's 2022 already. I feel like 2021 went by pretty quickly.

I started 2021 with no real goals. Only with the intention of living in the moment. I'm not really sure I accomplished that. But I sure did end the year in a big way. Falling and spraining (or fracturing? Not sure yet) my right ankle pretty badly! I haven't been able to put weight on it or walk in three weeks!

But, even with that, I am going to set some goals for this year. Not sure how this year will turn out, but hopig I can accomplish these before the year ends.

1.  Continue Working Out

I had started to get pretty regular with working out before I fell. I was feeling stronger and felt like I was getting more toned. When my foot is better, I am hoping to be able to pick that back up and grow even stronger.

2.  Be More Independent

This not being able to walk or drive or do things for myself has been super frustrating. Once my foot is better, I want to be able to do more things for myself. Stop being scared to drive to new places. Learn to actually cook more than just spaghetti! Go on more solo trips.

3.  Spend More Time With The Ones I Care About

People come and go in your life and I want to appreciate those who are in my life now. I hope to plan more lunch dates and weekend trips. Mom and daughter and Mom and son outings. Show the people I care about how much they mean to me.

I think those are some good goals to start out with. Though the main goal for me right now is to have my ankle heal!

Have you set any goals for the year?

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