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Friday, August 18, 2017

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My kids and I love fruit snacks. But, often, they contain too much sugar and barely any fruit. So, we hardly ever buy them to keep in the house. Though, sometimes, I'll keep a package of fruit snacks with me at work, so I have something to snack on in between patients.

Thanks to Moms Meet, we had the chance to try Veggie Go's Fruit & Veggie Snacks. They are certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO. Each fruit & veggie strip or pouch contains one full serving of fruits and veggies in unique and interesting flavor combinations. There is no added sugar and the snacks are gluten-free. Veggie-Go's are available in Strips and Bites.

Veggie-Go's Bites are available in three flavors:
  • Strawberry, Chia + Beets
  • Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrots
  • Berry, Rice Crisps + Greens

When I received the package of Veggie-Go's, I was concerned when I saw the different flavors. My kids are super picky about what they eat. I knew if they saw the name of the different flavors, they wouldn't even try it. My youngest, though, was pretty excited when I told her we had fruit snacks to try!

We started with the Veggie-Go's Bites. I thought the flavor combinations would be more palatable for her than the ones the Strips came in. Plus, with her broken arm, the bites would be easier for her to eat. 

She liked all the flavors of the Veggie-Go's Bites, but thought the Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrot tasted the best.

I found the Orange, Cocoa Nibs + Carrot flavor to be a little too bitter for me. It reminded me somewhat of high percentage dark chocolate. It didn't have as much orange flavor as I was expecting.

I liked the Strawberry, Chia + Beets flavor the best. Though, it was actually the one that I was most scared to try! I wasn't so sure about the chia seeds! The fruit bites were sweet and I was surprised that I didn't mind the crunch of the chia seeds. It added a little something extra to the flavor. This was the only flavor I was able to finish the whole pouch.

The Berry, Rice Crisps + Greens flavor was okay. I could only eat a few at a time, though. 

Veggie-Go's Strips are available in five flavors:
  • Berry, Apple + Spinach
  • Sweet Potato, Apple + Spices
  • Beet, Apple + Cinnamon
  • Carrot, Apple + Ginger
  • Tropical Fruit + Kale

The Strips weren't as popular with the kids as the Bites. The Berry, Apple + Spinach flavor was the only one the kids would try. I found it tasted somewhat like other berry flavored fruit leather strips that I've tried, but at the end, you can tell there's something different about it. You don't really taste that it's spinach, just that there's something else in there.

My husband, who doesn't really eat fruit snacks, volunteered to try the other flavors of the Strips. He thought the Carrot, Apple + Ginger flavor was interesting. He thought the ginger added a nice kick at the end. I tasted a little bit of it and to me, it tasted like biting into a piece of ginger. I didn't really taste any of the other flavors in it.

My husband did like the Sweet Potato, Apple + Spices flavor. He said it smelled and tasted like Christmas. I agreed, it did remind me of the holidays. He thought the kids would like that flavor.

We didn't get a chance to try the Beet, Apple + Cinnamon flavor. We brought the fruit snacks along with us on vacation and someone else in the vacation house got to the two samples first! I'm guessing they liked them, though!

None of us really care for kale. So, we were reluctant to try the Tropical Fruit + Kale flavor. My husband said it tasted and smelled like kale.

Overall, though, I think the Veggie-Go's Fruit & Veggie Snacks  are a great alternative to the sugary fruit snacks currently available. Some of the flavor combinations might turn some kids off on trying them, especially if they're super picky like mine. I thought the Strawberry, Chia + Beets flavor of the Bites and the Berry, Apple + Spinach flavor of the Strips would be good ones to try first.

Veggie-Go's are available to purchase in most Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Amazon, and To find a store near you, visit

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