Parragon May Book Buddies Box #BookBuddies - REVIEW

Friday, June 9, 2017

DISCLOSURE: As a member of the Book Buddies program, I received free books from Parragon Books to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links.

This is the last week of school. Soon, I'll have four kids here at home that I'll need to keep busy, so they don't get too bored and end up vegging out in front of the TV or playing Minecraft all day. Luckily, our May Book Buddies Box from Parragon Books arrived! The box was filled with fun activity kits and books that should help keep the kids entertained at home or on a road trip.

My kids have enjoyed many of the books we've received from Parragon and so, they were pretty excited to open the package and see what was inside.

Justice League Magical Story

My six-year-old son loves superheroes, so imagine my surprise when it was my three-year-old daughter who was more excited about this book.  But, then I saw Wonder Woman was on the back cover. My daughter loves when there's a girl in stories. Then, she can pretend to be that character.

About the book:
The alien conqueror Starro has returned to enslave planet Earth and all its people. It's time to call on the Justice League! Can the World's Greatest Super Heroes stop the evil starfish before it's too late?
They both enjoyed having the book read to them and I even catch my daughter flipping through the book, looking at all the pictures.

Smiley, Crazy, Happy

My son was most excited about this book. He likes emojis. Even my 12-year-old daughter wanted to do some of the activities in the book. They both loved all the stickers in the book.

About the book:
Say it with emoticons! Tell stories, decode messages, fill in journal pages, design your won smileys, and much more!

Professor Murphy's Marble Mania

This activity kit includes 25 marbles, 3 board games, and a game book that details how to play 15 classic marble games.

My six-year-old really enjoyed this kit. He, especially, liked the Extreme Pinball game. He kept playing it over and over.

Know Your Knots

When my husband saw that this was in our box this month, he went and put it away. He didn't want it to get messed up. He really wanted to try it!

About the kit:
A little knowledge of knots can go a long way, and this box set includes a handy book as well as two practice ropes -- of different diameter -- to get your started. The book includes step-by-step diagrams and clear instructions to take you through the stages of tying each knot and a full-color photo showing the result. Knots, bindings, loops, bends, shortenings, hitches, multipurpose knots, life support knots, and boating knots -- you can learn it all with this Know Your Knots set.

It seemed a little complicated for my younger kids. But, I think my older son, who's in the Cub Scouts, should do well with it.

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