Crochet: The White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Last month, I started crocheting a rabbit. I wanted to make it for Easter. But, I ran out of yarn and didn't get a chance to buy more until after Easter. So, I decided to turn him into the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! I figured it would be fitting since this year is the 150th anniversary of the original publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I searched Pinterest and Ravelry for free patterns on how to make a White Rabbit outfit, but I couldn't find any. At first, I was going to make a red sweater and a white vest with a heart on it. But, that was too complicated. So, I ended up using a pattern for a heart applique and then making my own pattern for the ruffled collar and the pocket watch.

The pattern for the rabbit is from Amigurumi To Go. I did the nose a little different and didn't make a tail, though.

For the heart, I used this Crochet Heart Applique pattern from Petals to Picots. It came out a little big and if I were to make this again, I'd probably make a smaller heart.

This is my first time writing down a pattern, so let me know if you have any questions or are having any issues with it!

Ruffled Collar

Red Heart Super Saver, Blue
4.0 mm Crochet Hook, G

Chain 30
Starting from third chain from the hook, 5 DC in each chain
Slip stitch to join
Fasten Off

Pocket Watch

Vanna's Choice, White
Vanna's Choice, Black
Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted, Lemon
4.0 mm Crochet Hook, G

Starting with the white yarn,
1 - Magic ring with 6 sc (6)
2 - 2 sc in each stitch (12)
3 - *1 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat from * around (18)
4 - *1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc, repeat from * around (24)

Change to yellow yarn,
5 - *1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc, repeat from * around (30)
6 - *1 sc in next 4 st, 2 sc, repeat from * around (36)
7 - 1 sc in each stitch (36)
8 - *1 sc in next 4 st, 2tog, repeat from * around (30)
9 - *1 sc in next 3 st, 2tog, repeat from * around (24)
10 - *1 sc in next 2 st, 2tog, repeat from * around (18)
11 - *1 sc, 2tog, repeat from * around (12)  Using black yarn, add clock arms. I made it say 12:25, since I read somewhere that that's what the time always says... let me know if that's true! Stuff watch before final round and closing it.
12 - 2tog all around and then fasten off.

For the chain,
Join yellow yarn at top of pocket watch.
Chain 25.
Starting at tenth chain from the hook, slip stitch down to the last chain.
Slip stitch to join to top of watch and then fasten off.

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