ALOXXI Texturizing Spray Review

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DISCLOSURE:  I received a bottle of Aloxxi Texturizing Spray for free from People StyleWatch Style Hunters to try and review.

I pretty much style my hair the same way everyday.  I shower, blow dry with a round brush and paddle brush and then run a flat iron through it.  If I don't do these things, my hair dries into a big, frizzy, wavy mess!

I'm always on the lookout for new products to try for my hair.  Recently, I had the opportunity to try Aloxxi Texturizing Spray.  This product helps to build definition and texture, while keeping your hair healthy, shiny and protects your hair color from fading by blocking damaging UV rays.  Instead of using salt, like other texturizing sprays, Aloxxi uses zeolite to add volume and texture without drying out locks or fading hair color.  It also contains glycerin to help promote moisture retention for softer, silkier hair.

Aloxxi Texturizing Spray claims it can give your hair a sexy, wind-blown look without making it look dull, faded, or damaged.  I set out to see if it delivers on that promise.

Here's a picture of me before I used the Aloxxi Texturizing Spray:

The flat iron leaves my hair pretty flat and there isn't much movement to my style.  I followed the directions on the bottle and gave my hair a few spritzes all around.  I raked it through my hair with my fingers and gave it a few tousles.  Here's I looked after:

There's a little more volume and it did give my hair a little more definition.  My hair still felt soft to the touch.  Later when I walked in the rain to pick up my kids from school, my hair amazingly did not turn into a big frizz ball!  It's still pretty smooth!  I love that!  Plus, my hair smells nice.  Like I just came back from the salon!

Would you recommend it?
Yes!  I love how it smells and it's pretty easy to use.  Just spray and style!

How much does it cost?  It retails for $20.00.  If you purchase from Aloxxi's website before 10/31/2013, you can get free shipping with code: PSWSHIP.  If you make a purchase of $40 or more, you can get a free bottle of Aloxxi Texturizing Spray with code: PSWSPRAY.

Where can I buy it?  It's available at professional salons and authorized dealers.  You can also purchase directly from Aloxxi on its website.

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