Kiss Nail Dress - Fashion That Sticks Review

Sunday, April 1, 2012

DISCLOSURE:  I received a pack of Kiss Nail Dress from as part of the Love VoxBox to try and review.  All opinions are my own.

I hardly ever do my nails.  When I do, I usually go to the salon to get them done.  I'm horrible at applying nail polish.  And I always seem to mess it up.  Even after going to the salon, I usually end up smudging it as I'm leaving!  So I was pretty excited to try these stick-on nail designs by Kiss.

Kiss Nail Dress are stickers that you can apply to your fingers or toes.  You peel off the correct size sticker, press it onto your nail and then file off the excess!  It requires no drying time and can last up to 10 days!  To remove, you just peel it off.

It's available in 18 different styles.  In my VoxBox, I received the style KDS10 Sexy, basically a leopard print.  Each kit includes 28 strips in a variety of different sizes to ensure you'll find the perfect fit for your nails.  Though, when I saw that there were 28 in my pack, I invited my sister to come over so we could do each other's nails.

I started on my sister first.  As we went along though, it become apparent that there really wasn't going to be enough for the both of us to do our nails since our nail sizes aren't dramatically different.  There were plenty of the bigger ones leftover once I finished my sister's nails, but not enough of the little ones for me to do a complete set on my own nails.  I'll have to buy a set so I can try it for myself!

The nail strips were a little hard for me to peel off.  They have a square and rounded end.  If you are applying them to your fingers, you place the rounded end near, but not on, your cuticle.  You then smooth the sticker down and fold it over the end of your nail.  Then you use the provided nail file to shape it and file off the excess.  I ended up peeling them off and applying them to my sister's nails and she did the filing.

In the end, they came out cute.  They looked like she had a professional manicure with designs done.  If I were buying this on my own, I probably would not have purchased the leopard print though.  I probably would've tried to get something that wasn't too out there, so I could wear them to work.  Maybe something like the Garter in the picture above (top left design). 
My sister took hers off a couple days later and bought a different one.  She said they weren't too hard to remove, but they left her nails feeling a little dry.

Would you recommend it?  I can't give a yes or no right now because I haven't tried them on myself.  I liked how simple it was to put on and how nice it looked once it was on.  But, I'd really like to try them for myself.  I'll update this recommendation when I actually go buy a set for myself!

How much does it cost?  They retail for about $6.99.

Where can I buy it?  You can find it at all major drug stores and mass merchandisers.

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