Razor Sonic Glow Electric Scooter - REVIEW - #RazorBlockParty #Tryazon

Friday, November 5, 2021

DISCLOSURE: I received a free product from Tryazon in exchange for hosting a party and sharing my honest review. No further compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

My kids love scooters. They all learned to ride scooters well before learning how to ride a bike. While they've used several different brands of scooters, their favorite by far have come from Razor. Recently, we had a chance to throw a Razor Block Party, thanks to Tryazon and Razor. We received a Razor Sonic Glow Electric Scooter to review and share.

Who is Razor?

Razor is a worldwide leader in scooters since 2000 when they launched their innovative kick scooter design. Since 2000, they've sold over 50 million scooters, including over 15 million electric scooters. Their products now range from scooters and hoverboards to go karts and heel wheels.

About the Sonic Glow Electric Scooter

  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • Multi-color LED lights synchronize to music
  • Max speed 10 mph
  • Up to 55 minutes ride time on a single charge
  • Age 8+
  • Max rider weight 120 lbs
  • MSRP $249.99

Party Recap and Review

We invited friends and family over to race their scooters around the neighborhood and to try out the Sonic Glow Electric Scooter.

My 8-year-old, who has been riding the scooter the most, was eager to show her cousins how to use the scooter.

While her cousins were actually a little too scared to try the scooter, my sister and her husband both hopped on and rode the scooter for a bit.

Everyone enjoyed the scooter until it died about 45 minutes later. Then, we had to go plug it in again and by then, most of the kids had already gone back inside.

Guests thought the lights were cool on the scooter and the fact that you can pair it to your phone and listen to music as you ride. The kids thought it was pretty heavy. The scooter weighs a little over 25 lbs. My 8-year-old thought it would be better if it came in different speeds, since she was trying to race someone with a regular kick scooter, while she was on the Sonic Glow Electric Scooter and she was still too slow. But, despite that, it's now her favorite scooter to ride.

The Sonic Glow Electric Scooter retails for $249.99.


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