Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party + Giveaway #FightToxins #HealthyBaby

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received free products in order to host the Healthy Baby Home Party sponsored by Seventh Generation.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  No further compensation was received.

It's Earth Day and what better time to talk about being good to the planet!  Seventh Generation has partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World to give parents a way to educate friends and family on how to create a healthy environment for our children. During the month of April, 5000 families will be holding Healthy Baby Home Parties across the country.  In addition to learning how to have a healthy home, guests are asked to join Seventh Generation in signing a petition to ask Congress to change the way chemicals are regulated in the U.S.

Did you know? 
The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976 and has never been updated. Some people might assume that the chemicals used to make products sold in the U.S., like toys and food containers, are regulated and tested for safety — but they are not. Over 80,000 chemicals are currently available for use in the market. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) grandfathered in 62,000 chemicals when enacted in 1976 and over 20,000 have since been added. The EPA has required very few of these to be tested for their impacts on human health and the environment. Now is the time to update the regulation on these chemicals.

I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the hosts of the Healthy Baby Home Parties.  Seventh Generation sent a very generous party pack that included full-sized and sample-sized products from Seventh Generation, Happy Family, and Zarbee's:

I combined my Healthy Baby Home Party with my son's birthday celebration/Easter to try and get as many people to come.  I set up a little table in our living room with the samples, coupon kits and information.

Once everyone had a chance to eat, we gathered in the living room.  We started the party by watching Healthy Child Healthy World's "A Wake-Up Story" video:

Next, we had everyone take their smartphones out to sign the petition at

Everyone who signed the petition earned a sticker!

Next, was a fun game of Healthy Home Bingo!  It was included in the party pack.  Each Bingo card had images that represented helpful tips on how to create a healthy home.

Winners got to take home a full-sized Seventh Generation or Happy Family product!  We played until everyone had a chance to win.  Then, the guests helped themselves to the samples and coupons.

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about how to make their homes healthy for their family!  Thanks to Seventh Generation, Happy Family, Zarbee's and Healthy Child Healthy World for the chance to host this party!

Interested in hosting a party?  They will be selecting hosts again this summer!  Visit for more details!


I had some extra samples left over at the party and decided I would give away a set of the samples and coupons that guests received at my party.  One winner will receive everything in the above picture!  Enter on the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US only, ages 18+.  Ends 5/1/14. Good luck!

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  1. woah. 80k chemicals!? that almost gave me a heart attack.

  2. What a great party. I love the samples. I learned a lot about protecting Mother Earth. Thanks, Bernadette!

  3. I am trying to use as many natural and organic products as I can and limit chemicals when possible, but it can be hard!

  4. To make our home more healthy no longer have wall to wall carper and went to a ductless heating and air cooling system to reduce allergens. I also make some of my own cleaners, from baking soda and vinegar!

  5. We try to grow as much of our own food as possible, and for the rest, read labels and choose natural foods.