KISS Looks So Natural Lashes Review

Monday, March 24, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received a free set of KISS Lashes as part of the VoxBox program from Influenster.  My opinions are my own.

I'm so jealous of my kids' eyelashes.  They have long, full, curly lashes.  My one son's eyelashes are insane!  So beautiful!  Unlike my kids, I have short, sparse eyelashes.  They don't curl, they just point straight down.  Curling them and adding mascara doesn't help too much.  I've always wanted to try false lashes, but have been afraid they'd look bad.

I recently had the opportunity to try KISS Looks So Natural Lashes.  It features a revolutionary Tapered End Technology, making them look more like real lashes and allows them to blend seamlessly with your own lashes.  According to KISS, 97% of women can feel the difference.  They feel the lashes look more natural and feel softer than other false lashes.

The KISS Looks So Natural Lashes are available in 5 different styles: Shy, Flirty, Pretty, Sultry and Vamp.  I received the Shy style to try.

I've never applied false lashes before.  But, the directions seemed easy enough.  Here's the "before" picture of my barely-there lashes:

Curl Your Lashes
I started out by curling my lashes before applying the false lashes.  Since my natural lashes tend to point down, I didn't want it to look totally obvious I was wearing false lashes.  I think this helps your natural lashes to blend in with the false ones.

Check The Fit
The directions indicate you should check the fit of the lashes by laying it on top of your natural lashes and trimming it, if needed.

Apply KISS Adhesive
Apply the lash adhesive to the lash band.  Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly clear and tacky.  I like that it goes on blue, so you can see where you've applied the adhesive.  (Excuse my old-looking hands!)

Apply Lashes to Lash Line
This was the tricky part for me.  The directions say to apply the lashes along your natural lash line.  And hold it, allowing the adhesive to dry completely.  I don't think I used enough adhesive or held the lashes long enough.  Plus, I put the lashes on crooked!

And here's the finished look!

The lashes were so long and pretty!  But, I couldn't keep them on long.  Because I put them on crooked, the one on my right eye was irritating the inner corner of my eye because it was off-center.  The one on my left eye didn't have enough adhesive, so half of it was falling off!  But, I think with enough practice, I could wear these.

Would you recommend it?
I would!  Once I get better at putting them on, I'd wear them more often.  Maybe not everyday, but for special occasions.  I'd love to try the other styles, too!  They were relatively easy to put on and when I did take them off, it took a little bit of effort.  So, I think if I had kept them on longer, they would've stayed on all day.  They definitely looked natural and were light.

How much does it cost?
The suggested retail price is $3.99 for 1 set of lashes.

Where can I buy it?
You can find it at all major drug stores, mass merchandisers and online retailers.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for this awesome review! I am definitely gonna buy it now!