Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration Party! Part 1

Thursday, February 20, 2014

DISCLOSURE:  I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

My family and I are huge Disney fans.  We recently had the opportunity to share our love for Disney by hosting a party to encourage others to show their Disney Side.

Hosts of the Disney Side @Home Celebration parties were sent a package that included everything we needed to throw a party.  You can read about what was included in the package here.  Ever since the package came, I had so many ideas swirling in my mind about how I wanted to throw the party.  There were different theme ideas, decoration ideas, food ideas and game ideas.  I even started a Pinterest board to try and get myself organized.  But, with work and kids and just life in general, I didn't have the time to incorporate everything I wanted to in the party.  But, all in all, we had a great time and I can't thank Disney Parks and MomSelect (and all the other sponsors!) enough for giving me the opportunity to host this party!

[I will be posting separate blog posts over the next several days about each craft or food idea that I used for my Disney Side party, just in case you want to host your own Disney Side party!]

One of the first things I worked on was making invitations.  Since the majority of the items in the Disney Side package was Mickey-themed, I decided to make a Mickey Mouse invitation.  I don't have a Cricut or similar machine to help me cut shapes out, so I had to trace things and cut them out by hand.

I found a Mickey Mouse head template and traced it onto black cardstock.  I cut them out and then cut half circles out of red cardstock.  I glued them onto the black cardstock and cut out small circles from white cardstock for Mickey's buttons.  I printed out party information using an Avery template and cut and pasted them onto the back of the Mickey invites.  I also printed out something to explain what Disney Side was and pasted that onto another piece of cardstock to include in the envelope.

Next, I worked on decorations.  The party kit did include some hanging decorations, but I wanted to put up more things.  After searching on Pinterest for decorating ideas, I decided on a wreath to hang on the front door.  I had never made a wreath before and didn't have much time.  I decided on a tulle wreath using Mickey Mouse colors.

I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and thought it wouldn't be too hard to do.  I bought a straw wreath from Michael's and two rolls of tulle in red and black.  I cut strips about 26-28" inches long and wrapped them around the wreath.  The straw was so crumbly and looking back, I should have wrapped it first with fabric or ribbon!  But, I think it turned out well.  I even made a couple more Mickey heads to stick to it.

I also wanted to make hanging paper garland.  At first, I was going to make them Mickey-shaped, but after thinking about how I would have to cut each and every Mickey shape out by hand, I decided to find a paper punch instead.  I couldn't find a Mickey-shaped one that was big enough, so I just bought a different shape.  All the tutorials that I watched or read about involved sewing the paper with a sewing machine.  Since I didn't have a sewing machine and didn't have the time or patience to sew them by hand, I just used tape and a glue stick to string the paper together.  I had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers that I placed on each piece of paper.  I thought it came out cute!

Next, I worked on the goody bags.  I wanted them to be special.  I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest by Clumsy Crafter.  She made a Heart Tote Bag using a heart-shaped template, a pencil and paint.  I thought I could replicate her technique, but instead use a Mickey head template.

It was pretty easy to do.  I, then, printed out each child's name in a Disney font and glued that to the bag and put a Disney character sticker on.  I filled the goody bags with Disney stickers, temporary tattoos, Disney-themed crayons, Disney Valentine pretzels, Ocean Spray Craisins (included in the party kit), and Disney candy (Party City sells pinata candy in a Mickey theme).

I had encouraged guests to come in costume or to wear Disney-themed clothing.  I knew some people would arrive not wearing anything Disney.  So, I also wanted to make some Mickey ears for them to wear.  But, I had only decided on this the day before the party!  I didn't have time to make anything elaborate.  I sent my husband out to the dollar store to buy some black headbands, but ha all he could find were girly pink and purple ones.  I cut ears out of black cardstock and just glued them to the headbands.

Read Part 2 to see how our party went!

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