Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste Review

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DISCLOSURE:  I received a free sample of Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste to try and review from Smiley360.  All opinions are my own.

My husband and I have been on a mission to try and reduce the amount of processed and artificial foods we consume as a family.  We've started buying more natural and organic foods and cooking things from scratch, rather than turning to convenience products.  We've also started using cleaners with natural ingredients.  One area, though, where we haven't really bought many natural products have been with hygiene.  Often, we've found the natural products just don't work as well.

So, when I was given the chance to have my kids try out Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste, I will have to admit I was a little skeptical.  For one thing, my kids are super picky.  There are definitely some oral care products (toothpaste, mouth rinses and floss picks) that my kids have decided that they didn't like to use because of the flavor.  And with natural products, I've found they don't always taste as good as other products with more artificial ingredients.

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste is made for kids ages 8 and up.  It's all natural and contains no artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors.  Tom's of Maine products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients.  It comes in a mild mint flavor for kids who have outgrown fruit or bubblegum flavors but find the mint flavor of adult toothpastes too strong.  It's ADA-Accepted to help prevent cavities, and it also strengthens enamel and freshens breath.

I let my 8-year-old daughter try the toothpaste this morning.  She's the pickiest of my three kids and she's in the prime age group for this toothpaste.

The toothpaste is white.  One of the first things my daughter asked me after I told her to try the toothpaste was what flavor it was.  I told her it was mint.  She actually didn't mind the flavor at all and liked the toothpaste a lot.  She had previously been using Aquafresh Kids Cavity Protection, but told me she wanted to start using this one now!

I then tried the toothpaste, too.  It really is a very mild mint flavor.  I found after brushing with it for a minute or so, the flavor pretty much dissipated and I didn't notice it anymore.  It didn't lather as much as my normal toothpaste (Colgate Optic White) and I felt if I was going to be brushing with this toothpaste for a full two minutes, I would need to add more toothpaste to my toothbrush halfway through.  Like other natural toothpastes, I found there was a slight grittiness to it.

Would you recommend it? Yes and no.  It's great that my super-picky daughter likes the toothpaste and I like that it's all natural and contains no artificial dyes or sweeteners.  I would buy it again for my daughter.  But it's not for me.

How much does it cost?  A 4.2 oz tube of Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste costs about $3.99.

Where can I buy it?  You can find it at all major drug stores, mass merchandisers, grocery stores and online retailers.

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