Old Navy Women's Embellished Jersey Tanks Review - Summer 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

DISCLOSURE:  I was given a coupon from Crowdtap.com and Old Navy for a free Women's Embellished Jersey Tank Top.  All opinions are my own.

The Embellished Jersey Tank Tops are from the Summer 2011 line.  There are six different styles available and a number of different colors with fun names like "Plummy Mummy" and "Hint of Lemon."  They are all made of 100% Jersey Cotton and feature a polyester chiffon embellishment.

I was given the opportunity to go to Old Navy with three friends to try on the tank tops and receive one tank top for free.  They were all very soft and comfortable to wear.  We all found though the shoulder straps on the tank tops to be very long and thus making the scoop neck very low cut.  One of my sisters is planning on altering the straps so that they're a little shorter.  I'm planning on layering mine on top of another tank top.

Overall, the tank tops did look better on the website than they did in person.  I probably would not have paid the full retail price for one of the tanks.  But I would buy one on sale!

Would you recommend it?
They're okay... They all seemed to run big and were very low cut.  I've worn my tank only a couple of times.  I did end up going back later when they went on clearance to pick up some of the other styles that I would have liked better.

How much does it cost?   They currently sell for $19.94 on Old Navy's website.  Prices in store may vary.

Where can I buy it?  In Old Navy stores and oldnavy.com.

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